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Title: High-Powered: The Dynamic Football League (DFL)

Genre: Reality Series

Logline: People from all walks of life come together to compete in one the most scrutinized games of all time… Electric Football.

Synopsis: Get your beers out and your bets in, because the east coast, the west coast and the south are about to come together for a super exciting season of High-Powered Electric Football!  Commentating for the West, we have Miller High Life’s own Windell Middlebrooks and actor/comedian Tommy Davidson. Speaking for the East we have host/comedian Chris “Kid” Reid and tv/filmstar Tracey Morgan. Representing the South will be comedian/actor Faizon Love and host/radio personality Estel Walker. These three regions will encompass six different leagues all claiming to be the best. Our cameras will travel to LA, Las Vegas, Texas, Atlanta, Michigan and Philadelphia to find out once and for all who is the best! Join these hosts as we watch Electric Football like never before; it’s the ultimate showdown of the Dynamic Football League!

This League encompasses all that have a passion and prowess for Electric Football. Unknown by most, players of Electric Football compete in a football season identical to live, American Football. We seek to capture the thrills, excitement and action that this fun-filled League has to offer!

Electric Football was created by Tudor Games in 1947, and was an immediate hit. However, the game didn’t live up to its hype. Faulty and complicated, many people complained and the game quickly lost much of its popularity. Despite this sad turn of events, Electric Football loyalists kept the game in existence, and it has thrived all the way up to present day! Advancing with technology over the years, the game is bigger and better than ever. Now, for the first time in history, those that believe in the religion encompassing Electric Football meet up to compete in an action-packed season of football… on National Television!

Think you have seen trash talking? Well you haven’t seen trash talking until you have seen Electric Football enthusiasts go at it. Dressed from head-to-toe in their team’s uniform, they battle with hand-painted plastic players on a vibrating field.  With the flip of a switch, the coaches control the players as they move, life-like, around the field.

This thrilling season of football will not only involve those that have played the game for years, but will also involve guest stars and professional football players.  At one moment, you’ll see a strip-club manager battle it out with a preacher and in the next you may find a Pro-player fighting it out with a first timer.

Watch each week as the teams match up for game play, and follow your favorite teams’ road to a National Championship as the season finale plays host to the Dynamic Football League’s very own Super Bowl! Or play along at home with our all new interactive online gameplay where contestants can win cash prizes and tickets to the real NFL Superbowl! Enjoy live commentary from your favorite NFL players, as well as snarky comments from the battle-brewing referees.

The Dynamic Football League will be a great supplement to every football fanatic’s perfect season.