The Show V

Wildcard Round

Eric Robinson (Bucís) vs. Cleon Tate, Jr (49ers)

These two have met many times and Eric has never lost to Cleon. (4-0-1)  ďI was worried up until the last 2-minutes of the game, cause I know you can come back on meĒ, quipped Eric after the game as his Bucís defeated Cleonís Forty-niners 12-0.  ďNothing I tried worked, I missed passes and I gave up on the running game to soonĒ. Coach Tate said in his post game comments.

Tim Jimenez (Raiders) vs. Marcelo Troilo (Saints)

In a game between close friends, the Raiders (Coach Tim) and Saints (Coach Celo) played the highest scoring game ever between the two and in the end; the score was as close as their friendship.
This game began with the Raiders taking the opening drive and used up nearly eight minutes of the clock before scoring their first TD, 7-0.
The Saints began their drive on their 20 and threw and INT on the first play from scrimmage.  The Raiders capitalized on their error and quickly went up 14 -0.

The Saints, not discouraged, made their move on a long run by their main RB to cut the lead to 14-7.  After holding the Raiders and forcing a punt, the Saints come back with another TD and the score is 14-13 (missed XP).  Still another TD and the Saints lead 19-14.  The Saints are rolling and score another TD for a 25-14 lead.

I did say the score was as close as their friendship didn't I.  Well the Raiders started their comeback with a long TD to WR Jimenez to cut the Saints lead to 25-21, behind the crisp passing of Coach Tim.  The Saints, known for their running game, gave it to Ricky and take a 32-21 lead.  The Raiders come right back and make it 32-28.  This was a seesaw battle where both teams showed their resiliency.  Not to be outdone, Coach Celo's special teams lend support with a 100 yd return and took a 38-28 lead with under 10 minutes in the 4th quarter.  Coach Tim took matters in his hands and passed his team to pay dirt and trailed 38-35 with less than 3 minutes to play.

Coach Tim, with time no longer on his side, attempts an onside kick with fails.  Coach Celo takes the ball and tries to run out the clock and on 3rd and 8 his QB goes out of bounds to stop the clock with 1:21 to play, leaving him at 4th and 15 on the Raiders 34 yard line.  On 4th down he only gets 8 of the yards and gives it back to Coach Tim with 1:14 to play and all his timeouts available.  I did say the score was as close as their friendship didn't I.  Well Coach Tim would test that friendship as he began his drive for pay dirt.  Crisp and accurate passes helped move the ball downfield until on fourth down from the Saints 35 yard line, he connected with his wideout for a 41-38 lead, missed XP.  The clock shows 24 seconds and Coach Celo has his timeouts available.  The ensuing kickoff results in a touchback, the only one on the day. The Saints start from their own 20.  The Saints give it to Ricky twice but he goes nowhere and on third down an incomplete pass stops the clock with 7 seconds.  Their last chance to go ahead is a completed pass that gets stopped at the Saints 38 yard line and time expires.
Friendships this close should have games this close.

 on Special Assignment-
 Gator Brown

 Jacksonville Journal

Perry Burke (Cowboys) vs. Ajay Patterson (Vikings)

With less than a minute to go in the game the Cowboys were facing elimination and a long five months to ponder what if?  But something funny happened along the way.  First the Vikings quit running the ball and missed opportunities kept the Cowboys in it.  The Cowboys last possession they drove the length of the field and scored.  The two-point conversion and they Cowboys held on for a 15-8 victory.

David Campbell (Broncos) vs. Al Clegg (Chargers)

Making a field goal at the close of the first half was big for the Broncos as that was the margin of victory.  Trailing 10-0 the Chargers mounted a comeback and actually lead 14-10 at one point.  Elway not having a fantastic day throwing but he hit the passes he had to hit as Jim Jensen became his go to man.  Jensen scored to put the Broncos into the second round with a 17-14 win.

The first quarter was all defense. There wasn't a single first down until the 2nd quarter. The Broncos couldn't run, and Elway was cold. The Chargers scored first, nice drive mixing run and pass.

Late in the first half the Broncos got on the board. A short punt setup a TD drive, and an interception thrown by the Chargers gave the Broncos a FG late in the half (bad decision by the Chargers).

In the second half the Chargers ran almost every play. They got one score but so did the Broncos. Final 17-14.

Steak Fryman on special assignment for the Blunt ďLAEFLísĒ Newsletter

Divisional Round

Perry Burke (Cowboys) vs. Mike Turner (Colts)

Another one of those never have beaten him games.  This time the underdog won.  After the game you could see number four seed Mike Turner kicking his box all the way back to Las Vegas as the box got him again.  Perryís Cowboys final got the monkey off their back and won a game against Mike 17-14.

Eric Robinson (Buccaneers) vs Jeff Eby (Chiefs)

The last time Jeff was in the playoffs he won his division he was top dawg in defense and was a high seed.  He also faced off with Eric and lost a heartbreaking game.  On this day deja vu happened again.  As Eric jumped out early and then coasted to a 32-20 win over the number two seed Jeff Eby.

The Tampa Bay Bucís shredded the league-leading Kansas City Chief defense on their way to a 32-20 victory in the Divisional Round of the 2004 playoffs. The Bucís were unstoppable in the first half, building a 26-14 lead, and consumed the clock in the second half to coast to the victory.

Tampa Bay received the opening kickoff and ran the ball seven straight plays, picking up three first downs. The Bucís game plan became apparent: after drawing the Chiefs in, they went to the air for a 31-yard score. The Bucís led 6-0 midway through the first.

The Chiefs first drive ended when Len Dawson missed a wide-open Warren McVea for a first down. The Bucís took over after the punt and went to the pass almost exclusively the rest of the game. Quickly it was 12-0, as the Chief defense couldn't cover the wide outs for Tampa Bay.

Down 12-0, the Chiefs abandoned their game plan and went to the pass. This quickly led to a score, and with the extra point KC was back in it, 12-7.

Three passes later it was 20-7, as Tampa Bay QB Doug Williams was unstoppable. The Chiefs had a chance to respond as first Otis Taylor and then Gloster Richardson got open for likely big plays. But Dawson missed both passes, and the Chiefs had to punt.

A quick 80-yard pass from Williams to Hall made it 26-7 and it looked like a rout. But the Chiefs answered with a nice drive just before half and cut the score to 26-14. With the Chiefs receiving the second half kickoff, it looked like it could be a game.

But the Chiefs misfired on their drive to open the third quarter, as Tampa Coach Eric Robinson made some defensive adjustments to put more pressure on Dawson. It worked, and the Chiefs were unable to move the ball. Late in the third quarter, the Bucís scored to make it 32-14, and the game was all but over. The Chiefs scored a consolation TD as time ran out to make the final 32-20.

The key to victory for the Bucís was their ability to get their receivers open, and Doug Williams' accurate passing. If Dawson had been more accurate for Kansas City, it would have been a much more competitive game. But there is no doubt the better team won. This was a crushing defeat for the Chiefs, who were 10-2 during the regular season. For the Bucís, another step toward the Championship Game

Tim Jimenez (Raiders) vs. Jeronimo Spinx (Bears)

7 Seconds

A intriguing match-up of teams with similar styles and similar talent.  The Raiders (Coach Tim) and the Bears (Coach Jeronimo) have been in the league the same number of years and this is their first match against each other in the playoff.

This game began with Coach Tim and his Raiders taking the opening kickoff and driving deep into Bears territory, using over 7 minutes of the clock, before missing a 35-yard FG.

Coach Jeronimo's Bears, using similar tactics, guide his team to pay dirt and take a 7-0 lead.

The Raiders, ever patient, using the pass would drive their team to the endzone for a 7-6 (missed XP) Bears lead.  The Bears, passing, come right back and score another TD for a 14-6 lead. The Raiders, ever patient, would score again to cut the lead to 14-12.

Similar tactics by both teams would make this one of the nail biters of the day.  Coach Jeronimo, this time running the ball, would take his team down the field and extend their lead to 20-12 (missed XP).  Coach Tim, ever patient, would march his team to pay dirt and, eschewing the 1 point kick, would go for 2 and make it tying the score 20-20.  Anyone with eyes could see this would go down to the wire.

And down to the wire it came with Coach Tim moving his men down the field, eating up the clock as he went.  He was of the mindset that the next score would be the last and that would be enough to seal the victory for the team that got that next score. So he moved his team into position to end the game deep into Bears territory when faced with a 4th and 11 on the Bears 26 yard line.  He would attempt a 34-yard FG.  The placement is set, the kick is up, the kick sails wide right with 7 seconds on the clock.  Looks like we are overtime bound.

The Bears set up in the, ďwe'll run one play and see how we fare in OTĒ.  Coach J gives the ball to "the old man" # 42 and he breaks free on the left side for 12 yards.  Coach Tim adjusts his men for the tackle that will take this game into OT and as they converge # 42 evades the tackles and takes it to the end zone and a 27-20 Bears lead with 3 seconds left.  The ensuing kickoff is a touch back and the Raiders have 3 seconds to work with and 1 timeout at their disposal.

The setup, the play begins and the Bears get the sack and time expires.  Coach Tim was right; the next score would be the winning score.  The Bears advance with a 27-20 victory.

On Special assignment -
Gator Brown
Jacksonville Journal

David Campbell (Broncos) vs Robert Jackson (Panthers)

The rematch of last yearís finals, RJ was looking to put a whooping on the Broncos and Dave for stopping him from becoming the top Dawg with two league titles.  Well something happened as Dave didnít get that memo and put up 21-pts on his first three drives.  Shock waves went through the gym as you could hear folks say, ďThat this game was over, and can you believe itĒ.  But this is Robert Jackson two time participate in the last two title games and leads the league in victories over the last three years.  The only people who knew this game wasnít over were the two playing it.  At the half RJ pulled to 28-21.  The second half Dave moved the lead to 10-pts with a field from 63-yds out. What happen next makes us all continue to play this game.  After falling behind by 10, on their next possession in just two plays the Panthers scored.  Extra point now makes it 31-28, with just over two minutes to play.  We all know whatís coming next the dreaded on- sidekick.  Believe it or not the Panthers convert on the kick and took it down and scored to pull off one of the best comebacks in LAEFL playoff history.  Only one thing there was still: 35 seconds left for the Broncos to get off at least two or three plays. On their first play Jim Jensen flared out of the back field and made two Panthers miss on the tackle and raced 76-yds to the Panthers 4.  Itís now Otis time as Otis Armstrong went over from 4-yds out to put his team back in front 38-35.  Again there was time on the clock for the Panthers to d something.  But it just wasnít meant to be as Charlie Wardís fourth down pass went wide of his target and Dave Campbell and his Broncos made it to the Semi-finals.


David Campbell (Broncos) vs Perry Burke (Cowboys)

This was a game of missed opportunities or one play from glory.  Otis Armstrong does in the Cowboys again this time in overtime and for a trip in the SHOW.  In Overtime Otis Armstrong takes advantage of a Cowboys break down and advances his team to their second finals in as many years.  In overtime the Cowboys had a third down and four and missed a wide-open receiver that would have won the game for them.  Instead they punt and one play later Otis is off and running. With this win the Broncos and Dave Campbell get a chance to defend their title.  Final score 20-14

Eric Robinson (Buccaneers) vs Jeronimo Spinx (Bears)

You can look back and find many plays in this game but the fake field goal early and the missed extra point later cost the Bears and Coach Jeronimo Spinx a trip to SHOW V.  Down early by a touchdown the Bears drive down to the Bucís 15-yd line they are stopped and decide itís time for a field goal, well they out smarted themselves and changed things up and went for it. One play of gloom as the Bucís defense was up for the fake and didnít let any receivers out into the pattern. The Bears came away empty and the momentum switched over to the Buccaneers.  Later in the game the Bears had a chance to pull to within two points but the extra point went wide another play of gloom.  The Bucís and coach Eric Robinson dodge a bullet and ran out the clock and were on their way to the SHOW.  Final score 30-27


Eric Robinson (Buccaneers) vs David Campbell (Broncos)

In a game of many twist and momentum swings, David Campbell was able to do just enough to win his second straight SHOW title by beating Eric Robinson 21-14.  The league MVP Otis Armstrong made it difficult for the Bucís early as he scored two quick tdís to put his team up 14-0.  Not be out done or shut out the Bucís came back and scored just before the half to cut the lead to 14-7.  The running game that helped get the Bucís to the SHOW didnít show up for the SHOW.  On just seven carries they were only managed 23-yds.  It was the Otis show for the Broncos as Armstrong finished with 87-yds on 16 carries with two tdís.  Both teams were able to throw as the Bucís finished with 207-yds to 185 for the Broncos. 

Trailing by seven after the first half the Bucís used their passing game to get back into the contest. Big plays kept them close and midway through the third quarter they caught the Broncos at 14.  Another lead had slipped away from the Broncos.  At the start of the fourth Elway and company were able to get something going as he mixed up the run with a short passing game to move the Broncos to the Buccaneers 10-yd line.  At this point the Buccaneers defense wasnít sure what was coming next pass or run?  They set up for a run and Denver crossed them up and Elway hit Rick Upchurch for the go ahead score. 

Still with a chance to tie the game Doug Williams and his Bucís offense tried to mount a drive but Williams pass was picked off and so were their chances for a comeback win. 

David Campbell became the first coach in the Los Angeles Electric Football League to win back to back titles.  Next season David Campbell will coach the Cincinnati Bengals and will look to become the first coach to win three straight titles.  Coach Robinson is the first coach to take two different teams to the SHOW, the Raiders back in 2002 and the Buccaneers in 2004.

The Final game stats:

Broncos- Otis Armstrong 16-87-2td
Buccaneers- Ricky Bell 5-18, Gary Anderson 1-(-6), Doug Williams 1-11.

Broncos- John Elway 6-9-185-1td-0int sacked 1 for -9-yds 
Buccaneers- Doug Williams 11-24-207-2tdís-1int sacked 3 for -19-yds

Broncos- Jim Jensen- 2-89, Riley Odems- 2-53, Rick Upchurch 2-43-1td
Buccaneers- Bell 1-19, Giles 1-36, #25 3-101-1td, Ricky Bell 1-14, Hall 2-4-1td, Kevin House 1-7, James Wilder 2-26

Special teams:
Broncos- 3-3 extra points
Buccaneers 2-2 extra points #25 3-79-yds Kick returns

Broncos- Jensen-1, Steve Foley-5, 1-int, B Manor-2, B Thompson-1, Randy Gradishar-1, L Evans-1, M Harden-2, Kyle-1, T Jackson-2 (2 sacks-12-yds), B Swenson-1 (sack -7-yds)
Buccaneers- Stalls-3 (1 sack -9-yds), Logan-2, Lewis-2, Brooks-1, Sapp-1, Selmon-1, Nickerson-1