Week One

Some highlights from some of the games. Saints vs 49ers there were three kick off returns in this game. In a span of two minutes the 49ers scored on two kick returns and a 85-yd pass. The Saints countered with a kick return and a long touchdown drive.

Broncos vs Steelers to bitter rivals face off and miss extra points cost Mike Turner this win.
After blowing up the LAEFL chat board all week prior to the weekend games Ajah Patterson Vikings came out flat and had no answers for the Steelers.
The tandem games came down to the last few minutes in each game as the Bengals had chances to win both at the end but came up short.

LAEFL kicked off season 10 on March 9th, 2013. It was nice to hear the buzzing of the giant boards. The “oh no’s” as runners ran and passer passed. For opening day there was plenty of action and drama.

The defending champion Marcelo Troilo and his New Orleans Saints seem to pick up where they left off at. After his Saints steam rolled through Cleon Tate Jr and his 49ers 51-21, Marcelo Saints then went on and beat Perry Burke and his Washington Redskins 14-6.

Robert Runnels took his Jim Everett lead LA Rams into battle and came away with two wins as well. First he beat Eric Robinson’s Dolphins 14-0, then had an easy win against Cleon’s 49ers 35-14.

It was nice to see an old vet return to action as Anthony Price brought with him this season the Pittsburgh Steelers. His Steelers had no problem taking away the sails of the Minnesota Vikings coached by Ajah Patterson 20-12. In a little more spirited game against Mike Turner’s Denver Broncos, Anthony held on for a 28-26 win. Mike’s Broncos did come away with a win earlier taking out the New York Jets coached by James Partipilo 31-14.

With this new season comes new changes to the league. This season the LAEFL has tandem coaching. Two games were played under this format and both games were close to the end. The New York Giants coached by Perry and Barbara Burke took down David and Shayne Campbell’s Cincinnati Bengals 12-9. In the second game the Bengals went down to the New York Jets / Titans 8-7 coached by Eric Robinson and James Partipilo.

Saints 51
49ers 21

Steelers 20
Vikings 12

Broncos 31
Jets 14

Rams 14
Dolphins 0

Giants 12
Bengals 9

Saints 14
Redskins 6

Rams 35
49ers 14

Steelers 28
Broncos 26

NYJ/Titans 8
Bengals 7