Game Day 4 Schedule **Change**

Round 1

Broncos at Bills

Seahawks at Rams

Buccaneers at Raiders

Jets at Cowboys

Vikings at 49ers


Round 2

Bills at Buccaneers

Cowboys at Broncos

Jets at 49ers

Rams at Raiders

Dolphins at Seahawks

Eagles at Vikings

Home and away fields subject to change.

The whole mother fucking day is subject to change!



Stats thru game day 3

Stats are all current and done. They have been emailed to our great Web Master. Give it a couple of days and they should be up. Some huge numbers in a lot of categories are being posted. Some explosive EF is being played.

Chargers are comin’.

Best of luck to all the coaches this season.  Looks like you all have a great league going.  Enjoy it, and appreciate one another.  When you move to an EF desert you learn to not take your EF brothers for granted. LOL

Looking forward to, hopefully, joining in next season (although I think I’ll be lucky to win one game). LOL  Take care and God bless. 


Billy C.