2019 LAEFL rules final

2020 amendments

  1. Quarterbacks and Kickers
    • Starting in the 2020 Season, QBs and Kickers ONLY from the following manufacturers are allowed
      • Gameday
      • 808
      • Next Level
      • Tudor TTQB
    • They are allowed to be modified using two-part epoxy and glue. However, other items such as braces, springs that are NOT attached to the figure by its respective manufacturer is prohibited.
  2. Open Run Teams
    • Starting in 2020, LAEFL members that have been in the league for more than 1 year must use a different team than their league team.
    • Current Rookie Coaches have until 2022 to have another team made for the Open Run.
  3. 4th Down Conversions
    • The Offense can try for a 4th down conversion at ANY POINT OF THE FIELD as long as they are TRAILING or TIED with their opponent
    • Previous Rule: You can try a 4th down conversion if trailing or tied and must be on your opponent’s side of the field
  4. Stats
    • We have eliminated individual stats and have switched to recording team stats.
    • This will be in a year trial and will be mentioned again at Jamboree 2021 if it will remain a permanent rule.
  5. The Show
    • No rule changes. However, it must be reiterated that the higher seed in the playoffs can pick which field they want AS LONG AS it is a neutral site to both teams involved.
  6. Field Goal
    • The five-second countdown starts ONCE THE KICKER IS PLACED ON THE BOARD
  7. Clock
    • Use of a 4 Quarter continuous running 20 Minute Clock
      • 4 Continuous 20-minute quarters. Stoppage Time will only be allowed in the following situations:
      • 1 Minute Warning in the 2nd Quarter
      • 2 Minute Warning in the 4th Quarter
      • When a Timeout is called
        • The coach that calls the timeout will be given the option of Two 35 second clocks or one 35 second play clock. The clock will continue at the snap of the ball
      • When a player goes out of bounds during the 2nd and 4th Quarter warnings
      • Incomplete pass during the 2nd and 4th Quarter warning with 8 second runoff
      • During a change of possession after a scoring play
        • Two 35 second play clocks will be in effect
        • Clock resumes after the first snap of the offense’s first possession
      • When a coach states SET or HUT during the 2nd and 4th quarter warning
        • Clock will continue when play resumes
    • This will be on a 1-year trial and will be brought up again to be voted to make it permanent on at 2021 Jamboree
  8. Intentional Grounding
    • TTQB must be used to throw the ball away, when the QB is between the tackles. If a player calls “incomplete pass” while still in the pocket, a penalty of 15yds & loss of down, shall be enforced for intentional grounding.
      • If the QB is outside of the tackles a player may elect to call incomplete pass, without penalty.