What’s the 2020 Buzz??

To use a line from “Jesus Christ Superstar”, “what’s the buzz, tell me what’s happening”. Well the 2020 season is coming soon and the coaches of the LAEFL are excited about the new season and new coaches that will be joining for this historic run in our 20th league season.  We’ll be inducting our first members into the LAEFL Hall of Fame (see “our first class” article by Rastahaze on August 15, 2019).

The coaches are scrimmaging in various locations to work out the kinks as well as see what else needs to be done to make their squads game/season ready.

The Browns are getting their passing game ready to match the intensity of their defense and running game to bring home their first win. The Jets are keeping their plans close to the vest as they look to blow the doors off their opposing teams’ squads. The Texans are getting acquainted with their coach’s philosophy so they’ll be ready to respond in the heat of battle. The Vikings defense is stouting up to shut down opponents offenses and blow away their defenses with more than just Kleinsasser. The Bills have already declared they are releasing the cutthroat of a running game upon the league to help Thurman blaze his way through defenses.

The Niners have declared “new year, new squad” as they gear up to blow past their nemesises of years gone by. He’s talking to you Raiders, Eagles & Steelers. The Eagles have rededicated their squad to reestablish their defensive dominance along with a running and passing attack that will not be stopped. The Raiders have added a little more thump to the defense as they move to a new arena of a black hole. Nothing that goes in will come out the same. The autumn wind will be blowing opponents every way but free. The Steelers have declared they will be more dominant than the Rams ever were and their coach is getting his men ready to carry out that charge.

The new coaches will be welcomed with open arms, but no one gets a free ride in the LAEFL’s historic 20th season.

reporting for LAEFL Chronicle – Steven Watts


The saying has always been “hindsight is 2020”.  Well it’s 2020 and the Texans have a clear vision of who they are for the upcoming season.  Coach Emac changed to this dynamic team to get them recognized as an EFL force to be reckoned with in the LAEFL. The offense, led by their fleet of foot QB Watson, their solid running attack, their super fast WR corps and a solid O-Line, are prepared for what the other teams will bring.  The defense, with a stout d-line, very active LBs, and a quick and smothering DB corps, expect to get after every team they face and let them know they have just lost a battle to one of the best. The vision is clear and the victories will be decisive in 2020.

reporting  from Houston – Khalid Topp

Changing of the guard

You knew this day was coming but never wanted to give in to Father Time. Well yesterday that happened with the San Francisco 49ers, as longtime quarterback Joe Montana retired after 17 seasons as the teams signal caller. “This was a hard season and I just can’t put myself out there and hope to perform at the level I’m use too”. Joe Montana during his retirement. Montana leads the team in all passing categories. He is second in team rushing yards behind Rodger Craig.

Steve Young takes the keys to the car now. This will be his first action as a Forty Niner. He joined the team at the end of last season. The team has yet to decide on his backup. Longtime Forty Niner backup John Brodie has hung up his cleats as well. In other team news long time place kicker Ray Wershing has also retired from the team. Matt Cofer takes over the kicking duties now. The defense has added more depth at linebacker and hopefully have found another looper other than Keena Turner.

Matt Millen and Patrick Willis join the backer corp which has been in need of an upgrade for sometime. Dave Wilcox retired and Hacksaw Reynolds will come in for him. The d-line added some much needed depth. Kevin Fagan and Pierce Holt join a line looking to beef up. Word has it Fred Dean is think of retiring as well. The backfield will look the same with Ronnie Lott and Jeff Fuller manning the safety positions. Merton Hanks and Tom Holmone will back up. There is a real battle at corner Eric Davis and Tim Mckyer are battling for one spot and Williamson has the other.

Reporting for the BUZZ the unofficial newsletter of the LAEFL I’m Rastahaze.

The Mafia’s New Hitman

Entering their 3rd year in the LAEFL, Buffalo was in need of a shakeup. Their first season showed the power of Thurman Thomas, but they finished dead last. As sophomores, the defense came to play with Mark Kelso and Bruce Smith hitting hard, but they were shut out in the first round of playoffs. Something needed to be done to give new life to potential this team has.

With no hesitation, the Bills found another weapon in O. J. Simpson. Training hard, number 32 helped the offense with their run game creating new, fresh schemes that were put on display this past October at the Open Run. Despite a fumble in his first game against the new Steelers, he quickly bounced back and scored the go-ahead touchdown against Mira Mesa along with a 44-yard run in overtime that, if not for a scramble called by their rival Raiders, could have sealed a Top-4 spot in elimination.

Yes sir! Look for him to be slicing, dicing, slaying, and flat out murdering defenses this Spring and Summer. If you are looking to blame him for your defensive demise…he will be guilty as charged.

-Thomas Aldrich

Wild 2020 Season Ahead

With the LAEFL 20th season on the horizon, the coaches of the league are gearing up for what is expected to be a wild and memorable season.

The Browns (Coach John Berry) are busy learning each member of their team so they can raise the Dawg Pound a little higher than their inaugural season. After leaving their passing offense on the sideline for much of the year, they’re ready to bring a two pronged attack to the gridiron.

The Bills (Coach Mark Holquin) have been recruiting this offseason to open up their offense for a more diverse attack. Last season was all about Thurman #34. This season will be more run and gun like their heyday when they ruled the AFC for 4 consecutive years.

The Jets (Coach James Partipilo) are sticking to their old school jerseys and cranking up the defense so the offenses they face will become discouraged. The Jets offense is looking to rack up points this season so the opposing coach will also become discouraged.

The 49ers (Coach Cleon Tate) are giving their team a new look with the fierceness of the 9ers glory days. The passing game will be much improved and the defense will have more weapons than just #42 Lott.

The Texans (Coach Earl McMillan) are beginning a new chapter in the league as they brought Coach EMAC over from the Seahawks. The Texans are looking to stir up the league with a two pronged offense and swarming defense that has been their coach’s trademark for many seasons.

The Vikings (Coach Ajah Patterson) are busy in the laboratory cooking up offensive schemes and defensive stunts to shake up the league. After a league leading running attack and accurate passing attack, the Vikings defense is in for an upgrade to stop their oppositions offense.

The Raiders (Coach Eric Robinson) are putting the finishing touch on their  running game to match their league leading passing game. The defensive front is undergoing changes to total domination of the opposing team’s offense to rise to the top after finishing 2nd last season.

The Eagles (Coach Isaac Cash) look to break through this season as last season’s commitments kept them from raising the trophy they felt was theirs to raise. The offense is expected to be more diverse than just #12 Randall. And the defense, already stout, are expected to be even more dominant.

The Steelers (Coach Anthony Price) begin the LAEFL 20th season with the former 3 time champion Rams coach who could not turn down the opportunity to lead one of the NFL’s glorious franchises. They are expected to be just as fierce and dominating as the Rams but with more diversity than just #15 Ferragamo.

With new coaches expected to join for this momentous year, the LAEFL is looking forward to a very wild, exciting and memorable season.

reporting for the LAEFL Chronicle,            Steven Watts