SDEFL showdown

The sister league to the LAEFL, San Diego Electric Football League opened league play today between veteran Coach John “Dawg Pound” Berry and rookie coach Robbie Emberson. The rookie bested the veteran coach 14-7 in a hard fought battle decided on big plays.

Robbie and his Packers won the toss and took the kickoff and returned it to the 30yd line. One play later #33 went off right tackle and didn’t stop running until he crossed the goal line 70yds later. Boom 7-0 Packers. Coach Berry said hold my drink rookie and returned the kickoff to the 42yd line. Two plays later the game was tied at 7 after a 58yd touchdown pass to #80.

After that score it went dark. Very dark. From that point of the game until late in the fourth quarter neither teams offense could move the ball. Both went away from what got them their first score. The Packers didn’t try running the ball again until the fourth quarter. The Browns hit early passes then went cold until their last drive of the game. Trailing by 7 and needing a score the Browns missed wide open receivers on back to back plays setting up their final play. In fourth down and needing a score Coach Berry had a receiver but missed him to the left. Coach Emberson ran out the clock and claimed his first league win. After the game both coaches praised the other with both having this to say, first coach Berry, “ good game coach, we’re coming after you next time!” . Coach Emberson said, “ if the Browns had hit a few more passes the score would have been 35-14 Browns”.

Reporting for the LAEFL Buzz, I’m Rastahaze and this has been the LAEFL according to me.

Oilers drill Bills in SHOW 22

Coach Eric Robinson won his third SHOW title Saturday at the Westfield Flower Mall in Sherman Oaks. This was his second title in a row as he won last seasons title with the Raiders. His road to the title game was tough as he had to take down his old team (Raiders) coached by Eric Thompson 47-30. Then he was down early to the Bills 3-0 before Allen Pinkett went 100yds on the kick return to take the lead and they never looked back. Halftime the score was 14-3. Mark Houghlin II players were millimeters from breaking away for big gainers or from making a big play or sack. 21-3 after three quarter of play and it was just a matter of time before Eric would be crowned with his third title. Two more touchdowns in the fourth quarter brought the scoring and the game to an end. 34-3 was the final as the two coaches shook hands as time expired. A coach on the raise and to watch out for is coach Houghlin. His run to the title game is only matched by Jeronimo Spinx’s run to the title game in Santa Barbara. Both coaches were the Cinderella picks of the playoffs. Coach Spinx lost his bid to coach Perry Burke, and his Bears never made another trip to the SHOW. The Bills will be a force for years to come.

The Bills run to the title came with more drama than his counterpart. They first took down coach Tate and his Forty Niners 23-6. His Bills jumped on the Niners early and kept the pressure on all game long.

Next they took down coach Mike Turner and his Denver Broncos. It came down to a fourth down play with two seconds left. Coach Turner completes his pass but the receiver is converged on and stopped short of the goal line. The joy expressed by coach Houghlin after the win was magic. It was his first win against coach Turner and it helped him make it to his first SHOW title game. Final score 26-21.

Here is a glimpse of other action from the playoffs. Quarter final scores. Broncos (Turner) 41 Browns (Berry) 0. Raiders (Thompson) 18 Jets (Partipilo) 6. Bills (Houghlin) 23 49ers (Tate) 6. Semi finals. Bills (Houghlin) 26 Broncos ( Turner) 21. Oilers (Robinson) 47 Raiders (Thompson) 30.

Reporting for the LAEFL I’m Rastahaze and this has been the LAEFL according me.

On to the playoffs

Well the Los Angeles Electric Football League playoffs are September 10, 2022.

Here are the playoff match ups

7 Raiders (Eric T) vs. 10 Browns (John)

8 Vikings (Ajah) vs. 9 Cowboys (Perry)

Quarterfinals round

1 Oilers (Erob) vs lowest seed

2 Steelers (Anthony) vs second lowest seed

3 Broncos (Mike) vs 6 Forty Niners (Rasta)

4 Jets (Shabby J) vs 4 Bills (Mark)

Good luck to all.

Saturday, August 6, 2022

San Diego (National City)

On this very hot and humid day in National City,  just south of San Diego, Coach EMAC & Da Bears journeyed to face Tha Bills, Bills Mafia & Coach Mark in their last game of the LAEFL regular season.

After two 3 and out series by both teams, Coach EMAC and Da Bears struck first on a Payton (#34) catch out of the backfield and rambled 34 yds for the TD and a 7-0 lead. Tha Bills came back with a FG for 7-3 score. Da Bears Payton lost a fumble at tha Bills 8 yd line on the next drive after a 52 yd catch by Sayers(#40). Tha Bills drive ended with a punt to Da Bears 25 yd line. Next play McMahon(#9) hits Gault (#83) for a 75 yd TD and a 14 -3 lead. Tha Bills answer with a reception to OJ (#32) to close the gap to 14-10. Da Bears drive down again with a QB live run for a 15 yd TD run and a 20-10 lead.  After Tha Bills went 3 and out, Da Bears drive the ball deep into Bills mafia territory and get a 41 yd FG for their reward and a 23-10 halftime lead.

Tha Bills get the ball in the second half but 3 and outs for both teams take them into the 4th qtr. About mid qtr, tha Bills strike on a tight end reception for a 60 yd TD  to close the gap to 23-17. Both defenses rose to the occasion and remained stout until Da Bears drove the ball into Bills terrain and Coach EMAC using QB live gets a 23 yd TD from McMahon and a 29-17 lead and 3:23 left in the qtr.

Tha Bills fighting to get back to the end zone had Beebe (#82) open at tha Bills 35 yd line with a Bear (#45) in the vicinity. As Kelly (#12) lines up the throw the ball, he was slightly off and Da Bears #45 picks it off at tha Bills 30 yd line with 1:31 left in the game.  From there Coach EMAC would take a knee and the 29-17 victory.

Totally drenched from the battle and the heat and humidity, Da Bears win, Da Bears win, Da Bears win. Da Bears finish their season with a 6-4 record.

Mac Burns- The Chicago Sun reporting

Smoke a bowl classic. Two hype videos were made for this game. A field cover was made to go along with chalice that is awarded to the winner. Well this season after a two year hiatus the game was played in National City and won by coach Shabby J and his Jets 6-0 over Rastahaze‘s 49ers. Forty Niners had their chances early but couldn’t capitalize on early Jet mistakes. Paul Cofer missed two field goals and the offense turned the ball over on downs at the Jets 7 yd line. With just 13 seconds left in the first half Emerson Boozer went 33 yds for the games only score. Keena Turner had a chance to make a play but missed the tackle.

Instant classic in Buffalo as the game went into overtime knotted at zero. Both teams had chances early to score but both missed field goals. With time running out in overtime Scott Norwood missed his second field goal of the game. With his miss it left the Niners just enough time to line up for their own game winner. With just 7 seconds to go in the game/overtime Paul Cofer lined up for a 62 yd try. As the clock struck zero the kick sail straight and at the last second took a slight left and just went inside the left upright and over the crossbar. Forty Niners win 3-0.

Reporting for the Buzz this Rastahaze and this was the LAEFL according to me.