Coach: Earl McMillan

8/7/2020 Texans loaded for LAEFL opponents

The Texans are 2-2 on the season and have gone over what went wrong in all 4 games. Coach EMAC is determined not to allow the errors made in those games affect him going forward. The inability to get one yard in the Steelers and Browns game cost the team. Not utilizing all the weapons available to the team cost victory against the Steelers, and undue stress against the Browns. Now the lessons learned from those errors are behind them and capitalizing on opportunities presented are of primary emphasis going forward. The stretch run is before the team and those lessons learned will be valuable during the final stretch.

Tex Weatherford- Houston Chronicle

7/14/2020 Texans stats thru gameday 2

TEXANS Offensive stats

PASSING: QB 4- WATSON – ATT- 51, COMP- 34, COMP PCT- 66.67%; YDS- 660, TDs- 5, INT- 0

RUSHING: 25 JOHNSON – ATT 44, YDS- 227,  AVG- 5.4, TDs- 2; 4 WATSON – ATT 3, YDS- 23, AVG- 7.6, TDs- 0

RECEIVING: 80 JOHNSON – REC 6, YDS- 117, TDs- 0; 88 AKINS – REC- 8, YDS- 302, TDs- 3; 81 WARRING – REC- 6, YDS- 119, TDs- 0


7/11/2020  –  Was a blast and FUN IN FUNTUCKY WAS FUN. The Texans had their fun as well as they split two on the vibrating field. As they couldn’t overcome their own misfires against the Steelers, they kept battling although the score doesn’t reflect it. Several 4th and 1 miscues left they reaching for the “V” but unable to grasp it.

The Battle with the Browns was a lot tougher than the score shows. It was middle of fourth quarter before the Texans could actually breathe in the game. Then scored to finish the final score 23-0.

Tex Weatherford – Houston Chronicle









An eerie sound is coming from Coach EMAC’s garage as the Texans home field is silent as week #7 of the Covid-19 crises continues. Covid-19 has caused the Texans’ camp to silence everything. When this whole stay-at-home edict was implemented, neither Coach EMAC nor his team thought it would last this long. Patience and perseverance have gotten the Texans this far but now rest is the mandate for the entire organization. When what you love is the continual humming of the vibration of your team’s field, it is hard on morale when that field is silent for an extended period of time. When this rest period is finally over, Coach EMAC and the team will gear up for a slugfest with whoever’s on the other side of the field. Until then, silence may not be golden, but it is what is needed at this time.

Tex Weatherford reporting from Houston


4/16/2020 – COVID-19 FEVER

Six weeks after our last gameday, the Texans are getting ready for whenever the next game will be played.  The players are getting restless with nothing but free time on their hands. With each passing day, the team is being diligent by staying focused on the task ahead. That task is to finish the season strong by taking down every opponent they face through the playoffs. Since this is Coach EMAC’s final season, the team is looking to get the “CHIP” that has eluded him these 20 years.

By keeping his team in small groups to eliminate the spread of the virus, Coach EMAC wants a healthy squad to accomplish the task before them. And as this virus continues  to ravage our state, our nation, our world, the Texans have set their resolve to continue pushing through so they will be ready to crack plastic and come out victorious whenever the restrictions are lifted.

Tex Weatherford reporting from Houston



After a horrible game vs the Eagles, and the stay-at-home orders from the governor of Texas,  the Texans have taken this down time period to revamp their offense and defense.  Coach EMAC was not pleased with the team’s inability to move the ball on offense nor their inability to slow down the other team’s  offense especially the passing game.

So keeping with their plan to limit the number of players on the field, the defense have their sessions on Tuesday (D-Line), Thursday (LBs) & Saturday (Secondary).  The offense gears up on Monday (QB & Backs), Wednesday (QB & Receivers) & Friday (O-Line). This allows each squad to put in their time to optimize efficiency and reduce risk of contamination.

Continuing to improve his team to eliminate further letdowns, Coach EMAC is preparing them to succeed in all conditions facing them in the future.

Tex Weatherford reporting  from Houston


3/16/2020 -Gameday 1- TEXANS Offensive stats

PASSING: QB 4- WATSON – ATT- 25, COMP- 18, COMP PCT- 72%; YDS- 292, TDs- 2, INT- 0

RUSHING: 25 JOHNSON – ATT 24, YDS- 164,  AVG- 6.8, TDs- 2; 4 WATSON – ATT 6, YDS- 15, AVG- 2.5, TDs- 1

RECEIVING: 80 JOHNSON – REC 4, YDS- 84, TDs- 0; 88 AKINS – REC- 2, YDS- 79, TDs- 2; 81 WARRING – REC- 5, YDS- 78, TDs- 0


Texans on lockdown – 3/14/2020
Since the CoronaVirus has been deemed a pandemic, the Texans organization has been put on self quarantine. This comes on the heels of our nation, all sports, all gatherings have suspended activity for the next 2 weeks according to Coach EMAC. This is a precautionary measure as no team members or the coach nor his family is affected at this time. Here’s  hoping the rest of the EF community are taking precautions to ensure safety for all.
Tex Weatherford reporting from Houston

Texans vs Ravens/Rams – 3/9/2020

Opening day of the 2020 LAEFL 20TH season had the Texans hosting the Rams while their stadium is still under construction. Not only the stadium, but the Rams used a substitute team (Ravens) to face the Texans. Once the game began the Texans used a strong running game to take a 7-0 lead. Ravens struck back with 60+ TD run to trail 7-6. The Texans regrouped  and controlled the clock and the game by adding three more TDs to win 28-6.
Texans at Eagles
The news regarding the turf in Lincoln field (Eagles  home) is not exaggerated. The Texans experienced  that on their first possession when 3 receivers lost their footing causing the Texans to punt. The Eagles had no footing issues and was able the move the ball on the ground and through the air as they soared to a 41-12  victory.
Reporting from Houston,
Tex Weatherford