Stats from game day one are coming soon. Hang tight fellas. Had some delays, sorry. Hopefully we’ll have something posted in a week or so. It should not take as long after this.

6 thoughts on “Stats

  1. glad you did the stats but most teams only have posted one game I know Broncos had two and some stats are not there.for instance 53 had 3 sacks in a row but has none in stats sheet.


  2. Mike, every game was posted, I have 10 game day stat sheets. You got full stats vs the Rams, however, in your game against the Vikes, neither of you got many stats as the sheet was a total Charlie Foxtrot! There were tackles entered on lines that had absolutely no offensive play listed. The plays that WERE listed had player numbers and yardage but no marking as to what type of play. I still have the sheet and it was absolutely horrible.

    We will review the stat keeping process before next kick off so that this does not happen again.

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    1. Yes it’s really cool to see all the individual figures as well as team stats. Good for scouting future opponents too.


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