The Mafia’s New Hitman

Entering their 3rd year in the LAEFL, Buffalo was in need of a shakeup. Their first season showed the power of Thurman Thomas, but they finished dead last. As sophomores, the defense came to play with Mark Kelso and Bruce Smith hitting hard, but they were shut out in the first round of playoffs. Something needed to be done to give new life to potential this team has.

With no hesitation, the Bills found another weapon in O. J. Simpson. Training hard, number 32 helped the offense with their run game creating new, fresh schemes that were put on display this past October at the Open Run. Despite a fumble in his first game against the new Steelers, he quickly bounced back and scored the go-ahead touchdown against Mira Mesa along with a 44-yard run in overtime that, if not for a scramble called by their rival Raiders, could have sealed a Top-4 spot in elimination.

Yes sir! Look for him to be slicing, dicing, slaying, and flat out murdering defenses this Spring and Summer. If you are looking to blame him for your defensive demise…he will be guilty as charged.

-Thomas Aldrich

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