Jamboree Recap

Jamboree Recap

On Saturday February 15, 2020 we held our annual Jamboree. In years past we constantly argue about the same topic or we end up arguing for nearly an hour about one proposed topic. This year, we began our meeting at 10:00am and concluded at 11:50am leading us to have an extended lunch break and hold a rookie scrimmage between reigning Rookie of the Year John and his Browns vs newcomer Craig and his Chiefs. John showed his OTA progress as he hit his first three passes including a 20-yard TD pass from Baker to Chubb on his first possession after Craig turned it over on downs. Overall, this was our best and most productive meeting to date. Here are some of the notable topics and motions that were proposed:

  1. Quarterbacks and Kickers
    • Starting in the 2020 Season, QBs and Kickers ONLY from the following manufacturers are allowed
      • Gameday
      • 808
      • Next Level
      • Tudor TTQB
    • They are allowed to be modified using two-part epoxy and glue. However, other items such as braces, springs that are NOT attached to the figure by its respective manufacturer is prohibited.
  2. Open Run Teams
    • Starting in 2020, LAEFL members that have been in the league for more than 1 year must use a different team than their league team.
    • Current Rookie Coaches have until 2022 to have another team made for the Open Run.
  3. 4th Down Conversions
    • The Offense can try for a 4th down conversion at ANY POINT OF THE FIELD as long as they are TRAILING or TIED with their opponent
    • Previous Rule: You can try a 4th down conversion if trailing or tied and must be on your opponent’s side of the field
  4. Stats
    • We have eliminated individual stats and have switched to recording team stats.
    • This will be in a year trial and will be mentioned again at Jamboree 2021 if it will remain a permanent rule.
  5. The Show
    • No rule changes. However, it must be reiterated that the higher seed in the playoffs can pick which field they want AS LONG AS it is a neutral site to both teams involved.
  6. Field Goal
    • The five-second countdown starts ONCE THE KICKER IS PLACED ON THE BOARD
  7. Clock
    • Use of a 4 Quarter continuous running 20 Minute Clock
      • 4 Continuous 20-minute quarters. Stoppage Time will only be allowed in the following situations:
      • 1 Minute Warning in the 2nd Quarter
      • 2 Minute Warning in the 4th Quarter
      • When a Timeout is called
        • The coach that calls the timeout will be given the option of Two 35 second clocks or one 35 second play clock. The clock will continue at the snap of the ball
      • When a player goes out of bounds during the 2nd and 4th Quarter warnings
      • Incomplete pass during the 2nd and 4th Quarter warning with 8 second runoff
      • During a change of possession after a scoring play
        • Two 35 second play clocks will be in effect
        • Clock resumes after the first snap of the offense’s first possession
      • When a coach states SET or HUT during the 2nd and 4th quarter warning
        • Clock will continue when play resumes
    • This will be on a 1-year trial and will be brought up again to be voted to make it permanent on at 2021 Jamboree

Items mentioned that remain unchanged is our stacking rule, spacing on the offensive line, and motions and audibles with the amount of times the defense can counter.

The biggest rule change of them all for our league is the running clock and team stats. Too many times, we are having to stop play or momentum so we can mark individual stats. The extra five minutes added makes up for the time stoppage during change of possession after turnover on downs. This brings us to the possibility of finishing games faster and possibly adding a third game to our day if needed.

Points of emphasis that we brought up were becoming diligent on our countdown clocks and play clocks. With the new rule added, the point is to get our games done in an efficient manner so that when you are done with your game, you can help out where is needed so that all games can be concluded in a reasonable amount of time. With that said, when you go to help someone with their game, you are not coming in to be judge, jury, and executioner. You just got to make sure the, “trains are running on time,” inotherwords with the respective clocks.

I for one am excited about this upcoming season and with our newest additions with that said: Here are the official teams for 2020 LAEFL Season

  • Ajah -Vikings
  • Anthony – Steelers
  • Cleon – 49ers
  • ^Craig – Chiefs
  • Earl – Texans
  • Eric R – Raiders
  • Eric T – Lions
  • Isaac – Eagles
  • John – Browns
  • ^Leon – Cowboys
  • ^Mark Sr. – Rams
  • Mark Jr. – Bills
  • Shabby – Jets
  • *^Sire – Ravens

*Standby ^Rookie

Here is to our historic 20th year and good luck to all coaches!

-Thomas Aldrich

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