Opening Day Recap

First and foremost, we want to thank all the coaches for making this one of the best Opening Days in league history. We know we had a few coaches missing due to serious illness and with everything going on in the world it was best for them to rest up and take care of themselves and hope they get better for next month.
Round One:
1. Rams (Ravens)….6
– Rookie, Coach Mark Sr., drove from the Inland Empire but left behind his Rams squad. Luckily, Coach Sire’s Ravens were ready to play despite their uniforms (and coach) stuck at the cleaners. Despite having a team that he had no experience with he was able to score one TD on last year’s number one seed. Coach Rev showed a great run game and his backs were patient to follow the leader for some great breakout plays.

2. Browns…12
– Last year’s Rookie of the Year, Coach John, has the power and the superstar to make waves. However, those come with hard lessons especially playing the commissioner himself. ERob dominated the game, but he was able to give respect to the ever-improving Dawg Pound who put up 12 points against the HOFer.

3. Vikings…22
– Coach Cleon and the new-look 49ers had the flash and flair to compete with Coach Ajah and his newest additions to the roster led by the their veteran Jim Kleinsasser. It all came down to 3 points and a missed 2-point conversion from the Purple People Eaters that gave Rasta the 1-0 start to the season.

4. Cowboys (Browns)…6
– The number one ranked team in the LAEFL had to show his teeth from the start. Although Coach Leon brought out his Browns squad while his Cowboys are still out in quarantine from COVID-19, he is not a true rookie playing long ago in Texas. While he was able to compete and score on one of the best defenses in the league, Coach Isaac pulled all the as the home field advantage was no match for visiting squad

5. Chiefs…0
– In the only shutout of the day Rookie Coach, Craig, did not make it easy for the Mafia. OJ was shut down early in his debut and Thurman Thomas did not play a factor in their run game. However, Coach Mark utilized Jim Kelly, who ran for 2 touchdowns and threw a TD pass to the improved Don Bebe. Coach Craig and the Chiefs Kingdom had plenty of opportunities in opposing territory including a 4th and long conversion that went to the Red Zone. However, with no kicking game, it was difficult to put points up for his squad.
Round Two
1. Texans…12
– In the second game of the day involving veteran coaches going head to head, Coach Isaac asserted his dominance over Coach Rev who went on a tear all of last season. Chris Carter and Hershel Walker played well enough to light up the scoreboard and those in attendance at the Vet reminded Houston, “There’s no place like the Dome.” Just be aware, the last person who played Rev and dominated his squad like that, woke up the beast and may all that is good have mercy on the soul that plays him next month.

2. Chiefs….7
– Coach Craig put up his first points in the LAEFL. However, Coach Ajah, who was coming off a loss in his first game at Candlestick, needed to go back to his game plan and create distance and avoid going 0-2 to start the season.

3. Cowboys (Browns)….14
– Easily the Game of the Day. One person was not only going to get their first win of the season but, they would be getting their first LAEFL win in general. Coach John stuck to his game plan to lead 21-6 going into the 2-minute warning. However, big plays from Coach Leon put him back in including avoiding a near sack that lead to a crucial touchdown and 2-point conversion that needed confirmation from the booth. Shortly thereafter, Leon recovered the onside kick exposing John’s unorthodox onside formation. With no timeouts, Leon did his best to march up the field but a game-ending sack cut the rally short giving John his first league win after going winless last season.

We look forward to next months games which will include the Annual Smoke-a-Bowl between Shabby J and Rasta and the Inaugural Hooligan Bowl between the Holguin Family.

-Thomas Aldrich

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