Showdown in San Diego

“Close game my ass…this was a beat down from jump street.” not the kind of words you want to hear coming from your head coach after a lopsided lost to the Texans. Games played against Coach EMac are usually close down to wire games. This was out of control from the start.

The Texans first drive took all but six plays and they were up 7-0. Old favorite Dana McClemore took the ensuing kickoff 95yds for a score and the game was tied at 7. That would be the last you would hear from the Niners. Steve Young had his worst day as the Niners starter going 9-22 for 143yds. Not hitting passes and not even attempting to run the ball will cost you games. Run the ball and you might open up some passing lanes. Just a thought. Since starting the season 2-0 the Niners have gone 1-3 in their last games and haven’t beaten a coach yet with a winning record. Things better change if they want to make some noise come playoff time.

Reporting for the LAEFL Buzzwire Newsletter I’m Rastahaze and this has been the news according to me.

Doubling down is what the enthusiastic player will do when he believes he can walk away with it all in a poker game. The “Showdown in San Diego” was played on 10/10 in 2020, that’s doubling down. When the 49ers and Coach Rasta hosted the “Showdown” against the Texans and Coach EMAC doubling down was not on their mind, getting a “W” was. When these teams last played, a missed 50 yard field goal was the difference in the game. Coach Rasta had taken down the Vikings earlier in the season and Coach EMAC was very concerned it could happen to him. But the “Showdown in San Diego” for these teams was more of a show up for the Texans as the 49ers couldn’t get going on any of their team’s phases except special teams which responded with a 95 yd TD on the kickoff to tie the game after the Texans went up 7-0 after a long drive. The rest of the game was all Texans as Coach EMAC went 8-10 in the passing game and Coach Rasta couldn’t hit anything but open spaces. This “Showdown” goes to the Texans 31-7.

Tex Weatherford reporting for the Houston Chronicle

The Vikings and Coach Ajah (Pat Pat to Coach EMAC) were home to the visiting Texans in this “Showdown in San Diego” and a throwdown was what each team got. When they last played, Coach EMAC escaped with a 26-20 O.T. win and the Vikings were not letting Coach EMAC forget that fact. As the teams fought through every play, the 1st quarter ended 0-0. in the 2nd qtr the Texans came alive to take a 6-0 lead as shaky hands led to missed XP. The rest of the half remained scoreless as the Vikings were threatening on the final drive of the half but ended at the Texans 20 yd line. The Vikings, inspired by their final drive before the half, came flying out of blocks with a score of their own to tie it 6-6 (Vikings missed XP). Coach EMAC rallied the troops by switching to QB live format to slow the Vikings pass rush and it paid off with another TD for a 13-6 lead. A kick return by Kleinsasser brought the score to 13-12 (another missed XP). The middle of the 4th qtr the Texans continued with the QB live format and scored again to take a 19-12 lead (another missed XP). The Vikings were not done in this “Showdown” as Dalvin Cook came out of the backfield and caught the pass that brought the Vikings to a 19-18 game, The Vikings, not wanting another O.T. to decide the game, chose to go for 2 and the lead. In a brilliant call to let the QB roll out to the left as he had done in an earlier play, the QB does his thing only to be shut down by the Texans DB at the 2 yd line ending the 2 pt conversion with 2:34remaining. The Texans take possession at their 20 and hold the ball until time expires. Texans 19-18, what a :Showdown”.Tex Weatherford for the Houston Chronicle

“There is nothing wrong with your team!!” Quipped Coach Patterson as his Vikings posted a 28-6 win over Coach Berry and his Browns. Coach Berry aka Dawg Pound came into the game saying his team wasn’t ready his offense needed work. Midway through the first quarter his Dawgs were up 6-0 after causing a fumble and scoring on the next play. The Vikings regrouped and pulled away for the win but all you kept hearing was there is nothing wrong with your team!!

For the LAEFL Buzzwire Newsletter I’m Rastahaze and this has been the news according to me.

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