2021 Jamboree Recap

For the first time in a year, members of our great league met for our annual Jamboree. Among those present were LAEFL Commissioner and MFCA Hall of Famer ERob, defending champion Anthony, Cleon, Aja, and Mark Jr acting as moderator directing traffic especially with our Las Vegas members including the marvelous return of Perry Burke, Erick Thompson, and MFCA Hall of Famer Mike Turner. Also in attendance via satellite were Isaac Cash and Shabby J who were out on injuries. Unfortunately, we as a league lost two members in Leon (Cowboys) and Mark Sr (Rams) due to lack of participation. The meeting lasted approximately 2 hours discussing how we will move forward with the completion of the 2020 and 2021 season including a kickoff weekend at TWO locations in Bullhead/Laughlin and the Inland Empire the weekend of July 30th and Rule proposals and changes to our season. Here are the significant changes that were approved for league play starting at the end of the month.

  1. ITZ Round Bases
    • As ITZ released its new round base, it has been approved for league play but will only be limited to the quarterback
  2. Field Goals
    • The offense will now have control over how long the play will be ran for similar to a pass play. As soon as the board stops the coach will still have 5 seconds to place their kicker down and make the kick. Failure to do so will result in a blocked kick.
  3. The Box
    • A formal rule will now be written that the two coaches playing each other will discuss whether or not they will use the box for penalties. However, if one coach decides that they want to use the box, the box will be used throughout the game.
  4. Throw Away
    • To coincide with the purpose of the running clock, a coach will no longer have to physically throw away the football and can call a play incomplete.

An important Item that was clarified is the use of the running clock reminding coaches that the clock will only stop after a scoring play with exceptions in the 1-minute and 2-minute warnings. This rule was supposed to be re-voted on this year, but due to COVID, the rule will be revisited at next year’s Jamboree.

We have all been waiting for the re-start of our league and welcome in new sponsors, Dad’s Elixir and Hi-Def Brewing. Here are our official teams for the 2021 Season:

Ajah -Vikings

Anthony – Steelers

Cleon – 49ers

Craig – Chiefs

Earl – Texans

Eric R – Raiders

Eric T – Lions

Isaac – Eagles

John – Browns

Perry – Cowboys

Mike – Broncos

Mark – Bills

Shabby – Jets

Let’s try this again in other words!

-Thomas Aldrich

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