We’re back…….LAEFL 2022 Season kicks off

I for one can not tell you all how happy I am to be back writing game recaps and insider news of the Los Angeles Electric Football League (LAEFL).

There have been some changes in the league with coaches changing teams , new writers coming on board to help tell the story of the league. Welcome Mac Burns from the Chicago Sun. Here is what happened with Da Bears!

Bears at Oilers 3-5-2022

Kickoff day for 2022 season in the Los Angeles Electric Football League and Da’ Bears and Coach EMAC faced an old foe with a new team. Coach EMAC left the Texans after the troubles with their QB got tied up in the judicial system. Coach Erob left his Raiders post to roll with the Oilers, a team that had been rumored to be courting him for the last few seasons. As the teams got underway, it was a defensive struggle from the beginning. 

After Da’ Bears missed a 38 yd FG the Oilers’ Lorenzo White took the ball on a flare out of the backfield the other way to take a 7-0 lead. Coach EMAC, hampered by wrist problems, could only pass with his left hand until late in the third quarter. As the game entered the 4th, Da’ Bears struck with a pass to Sayers for the TD. Since their kicker was having an off day, they went for 2 and was snuffed. 7-6 Oilers. That’s how the game ended. A defensive struggle.

Da’ Bears at J-E-T-S 

After a 2 year layoff by the J-E-T-S and Coach Shabby J due to covid activities and being safe, it was time to crank up the volume of electric football as they met Da’ Bears coming off their loss to the Oilers. The J-E-T-S were flying high after their overtime victory over the Steelers. Both team had come off defensive battles and this game would be no different. 

After a few 3 and outs, Da’ Bears struck first with a pass (hand feeling good) to Willie Gault who outran the J-E-T-S DBs to take a 6-0 lead into halftime. 2 pt conversion failed.

As the rest of game continued into the 4th quarter with both defenses refusing to yield, the J-E-T-S got a huge break when Da’ Bears got a 21 yd punt from their own 11 yard line setting up the J-E-T-S at Da’ Bears 32 yd line. On the first play of that drive, Da’ Bears defense rose up and sacked Namath to force a fumble which Da’ Bears recovered and ran out the clock for a hard fought 6-0 victory.

In other LAEFL action the Bills took out the Browns 14-0 and the Steelers came back after losing their first game to the Jets 14-12, to take out the Niners 32-6. The game of the day was the Oilers come back win in the last few seconds over the Bills 16-14. Buffalo had a chance to pull out the win but missed a wide open receiver in the endzone as time expired.

Reporting for the Buzz, this is Rastahaze and this is the LAEFL according to me.

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