Oilers drill Bills in SHOW 22

Coach Eric Robinson won his third SHOW title Saturday at the Westfield Flower Mall in Sherman Oaks. This was his second title in a row as he won last seasons title with the Raiders. His road to the title game was tough as he had to take down his old team (Raiders) coached by Eric Thompson 47-30. Then he was down early to the Bills 3-0 before Allen Pinkett went 100yds on the kick return to take the lead and they never looked back. Halftime the score was 14-3. Mark Houghlin II players were millimeters from breaking away for big gainers or from making a big play or sack. 21-3 after three quarter of play and it was just a matter of time before Eric would be crowned with his third title. Two more touchdowns in the fourth quarter brought the scoring and the game to an end. 34-3 was the final as the two coaches shook hands as time expired. A coach on the raise and to watch out for is coach Houghlin. His run to the title game is only matched by Jeronimo Spinx’s run to the title game in Santa Barbara. Both coaches were the Cinderella picks of the playoffs. Coach Spinx lost his bid to coach Perry Burke, and his Bears never made another trip to the SHOW. The Bills will be a force for years to come.

The Bills run to the title came with more drama than his counterpart. They first took down coach Tate and his Forty Niners 23-6. His Bills jumped on the Niners early and kept the pressure on all game long.

Next they took down coach Mike Turner and his Denver Broncos. It came down to a fourth down play with two seconds left. Coach Turner completes his pass but the receiver is converged on and stopped short of the goal line. The joy expressed by coach Houghlin after the win was magic. It was his first win against coach Turner and it helped him make it to his first SHOW title game. Final score 26-21.

Here is a glimpse of other action from the playoffs. Quarter final scores. Broncos (Turner) 41 Browns (Berry) 0. Raiders (Thompson) 18 Jets (Partipilo) 6. Bills (Houghlin) 23 49ers (Tate) 6. Semi finals. Bills (Houghlin) 26 Broncos ( Turner) 21. Oilers (Robinson) 47 Raiders (Thompson) 30.

Reporting for the LAEFL I’m Rastahaze and this has been the LAEFL according me.

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