SDEFL showdown

The sister league to the LAEFL, San Diego Electric Football League opened league play today between veteran Coach John “Dawg Pound” Berry and rookie coach Robbie Emberson. The rookie bested the veteran coach 14-7 in a hard fought battle decided on big plays.

Robbie and his Packers won the toss and took the kickoff and returned it to the 30yd line. One play later #33 went off right tackle and didn’t stop running until he crossed the goal line 70yds later. Boom 7-0 Packers. Coach Berry said hold my drink rookie and returned the kickoff to the 42yd line. Two plays later the game was tied at 7 after a 58yd touchdown pass to #80.

After that score it went dark. Very dark. From that point of the game until late in the fourth quarter neither teams offense could move the ball. Both went away from what got them their first score. The Packers didn’t try running the ball again until the fourth quarter. The Browns hit early passes then went cold until their last drive of the game. Trailing by 7 and needing a score the Browns missed wide open receivers on back to back plays setting up their final play. In fourth down and needing a score Coach Berry had a receiver but missed him to the left. Coach Emberson ran out the clock and claimed his first league win. After the game both coaches praised the other with both having this to say, first coach Berry, “ good game coach, we’re coming after you next time!” . Coach Emberson said, “ if the Browns had hit a few more passes the score would have been 35-14 Browns”.

Reporting for the LAEFL Buzz, I’m Rastahaze and this has been the LAEFL according to me.

3 thoughts on “SDEFL showdown

  1. Nice battle! Where and when does the San Diego league play? Let me know since I’m interested in watching a game and, potentially, becoming a team owner. Looking forward to more league updates and info.!


    1. Thomas what part of San Diego do you reside in? We currently have three members thus far and get together about once a month. What team would you like to run with? We also play in the Los Angeles electric football league their next game date is May 6th.
      Thanks for reaching out


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