420 EF Rumble

In a much anticipated meeting between the “Birds” of the LAEFL, the Seahawks and Eagles met on  “Johnny Cotson Field” to see who would be flying high after it was all over.

The match began with loads of defense. The Hawks opening drive ended with a 21 yd punt, The Eagle drive ended with a missed FG.  The Hawks next  drive ended in a 60 yd FG attempt that hit dead center for a 3-0 lead at the start of the 2nd qtr.
The battle was on for the next 43 minutes and 27 seconds as both defenses stepped up huge until the Coach Isaac’s Eagles got their first huge break when QB Cunningham burst around left end untouched to the endzone and a 7-3 lead.  Shaken, Coach EMAC mounted what would be his last possession that began on a 50 yd kick return when the returner fell down for no reason with 1 min and 33 secs on the clock. Another break came with a completed pass to the Eagles 11 yd line and there the Eagles shook off the slumber and made a brilliant 4 down stand that left the Eagles the “Big Birds” of the week with a 7-3 hard fought victory on enemy soil.
reporting the the Seattle Sun
Ethan Hawke

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