“What the hell is going on out there”???

The late great football coach Vince Lombardi made that statement long ago during a football game when his team wasn’t doing what they were trained to do. That statement also applies to what is happening in the world today.

15 months of pandemic house arrest and the world is taking pot shots (literally) at one another. News is filled with violence against people of color, police violence against black and brown folk, racism, anti-semitic attacks, Asian Pacific attacks, democrats vs republicans, Palestinians vs Jews, all gone insane. But here in the LAEFL the coaches are still waiting for the kickoff of a continuing season and the start of a new season, whenever that happens.

The chat line is getting heated. The boards are buzzing and the coaches are ready to break out of their lockdown locales and kick some plastic butt on the electric field. Here’s a shout out to all the coaches in the LAEFL who are ready to get this party started again. Here’s to your patience, your forebearing nature, and your tireless efforts to prepare for the battles ahead. Get ready!! Get ready!! Get ready!!

Steven Watts for LAEFL Chronicle


To quote the late great Marty Schottenheimer ” There’s a gleam men” when it comes to getting back to the games of the Los Angeles Electric Football League. The LAEFL is looking at possible dates to get back to cracking plastic and all the coaches are ready to see their teams kick some serious butt after such a long delay.

Many of the coaches have been scrimmaging other coaches to sharpen their skills so their inside warrior can be set free to overcome their opponents. After being shutdown for over a year, many of the coaches haven’t gotten any games in so they are raring to shatter that ceiling and their opponent. Everyone has had time to get ready, and only those not prepared will be knocked on their backside.

So follow the gleam men and let your inner warrior come out to play. Ready or not it’s about to happen.

Reporting for LAEFL Chronicle – Steven Watts


It’s February 2021 and I never thought we’d still be in Covid-19 protocol one year later but here we are. As most of the sports world have started and finished their respective seasons. Los Angeles has two new champions in baseball and basketball. Tampa Bay has 2 new champions in hockey and football. The LAEFL are still trying to finish their 20th anniversary season of 2020.

Although the season is in suspended mode, the LAEFL coaches have not been sitting on the sidelines. Each coach has spent this “off” season adding players to their squads, building new squads, tightening up their college squads and tweaking their teams for a more powerful and explosive presence when the league does continue play. From hearing all the chatter, these coaches are ready to break out of their respective shel look s and crack some serious plastic among other things.

This reporter has been covering the game for many years and this whole Covid-19 thing is a first in history situation. Like the 45th president, I thought it would be over long before now. But unlike the 45th president, I’m glad he didn’t make it to 2021. I digress. When the 2020 season does resume, I expect a season of delayed joy to explode on the field as each coach wants the other coach to pay for the delay they none of the coaches could have prevented. Until that happens, get ready coaches cause that time is coming. Stay safe and we’ll see you at the vibrating field to rumble.

Steven Watts – reporting for LAEFL CHRONICLE

December 1, 2020

As the Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc on the LAEFL’S 20th season, the LAEFL coaches are hanging in there to protect themselves and their families. Some of the coaches’ families have been infected and have recovered. Everyone is being cautious for everyone else. October was the last gathering for 4 of the coaches and big fun was had. Since then coaches have been working on their main squads and their secondary squads. Coaches are getting extra figures to prepare all their squads for competition when the next opportunity arise.

Thanksgiving was truly a time of thanks as we were all grateful for our health and having family around to show love and appreciation. December is another month to be thankful as we celebrate Christmas and a time of showing love to those we love.

In the meantime we prep and paint and base up our teams to be ready to crack plastic to those willing to take the field with all the necessary PPE available to protect ourselves and those we face across the vibrating board.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS COACHES to you and your families.

Steven Watts – LAEFL Chronicle


While the LAEFL, like most of California, are abiding by the CDC rules for gathering we are still having games in small groups. Next game is in San Diego where the Texans, Vikings, Browns and 49ers are looking to crack plastic on 10/10. Since these teams have been isolated since July’s Fun in Funtuckey took place, they are ready to break free and take down their opponent to remind the league they are hungry for a battle. When these teams do get on the field, there could be a 5.9 to 6.8 quake because of the vibrations happening in S.D.

So look out LAEFL coaches and batten down the furniture to protect your loved ones because there’s gonna be a whole lot of shaking going on in S.D. and the city where you live in Southern California.

Steven Watts for LAEFL Chronicle