12 days until clashmouth ball

Since last gameday coaches have been busy prepping for clashmouth day in May. Everyone has an axe to grind with their next opponents to find out if the work they put in is sufficient to achieve victory on the vibrating field. The Browns practice field has been replaced and the “Dawgs” are looking to make noise plus they’ve been given a bye week to get ready. The Vikings are looking to “SKOL” someone and their next opponent are the Seahawks who have a bad taste in their mouth from eating Eagles feet after their 420 showdown. The Eagles are busy working to claw their next opponents eyes out. The Niners have found their next DC are are ready to prove they made the right decision.  The Jets have a newfound fire after their sabbatical.  The Bills are looking to explode again and prove week one was not an isolated event.  The Rams are staying ready with their playbook so as not to complicate anything. And the Raiders believe they had righted the ship after their gameday 1 debacle.


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