Niners at Hawks

Coming off a nerve racking and nerve shaking overtime victory against the Vikings, the Seahawks prepared for the 49ers hoping to get two on this gameday.
Game started off in the Hawks favor when #47 went 80 yds for a TD on the first play from scrimmage. That would be last “easy” play of the day for the Hawks.
The Niners began their relentless charge to get the “W”. Huge runs by #80 and #44 put them in position to take their victory. Trailing 14-21, they began their last drive from their own 20. With time ticking away they converted first down after first down making the Hawks nervous and anxious.
The Niners faced a 4th and 10 on their own 41 with eight seconds remaining. A completed pass to #87 with a blocker in front had the Hawks sweating bullets. Adjusting to make the tackle, not a precise process, the Hawks hoped for the best.
Play starts and the blocker for #87 hit him and deflected him off the route causing him to come up short of the first down. Ball turns over on downs with 3 secs remaining. Another nerve racking and nerve shaking game but a “W” for the Hawks 21-14.
reporting for the Seattle Sun
Ethan Hawke
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