Lull before the Storm


It’s the week before another game day and LAEFL coaches are in the midst of the “Lull before the Storm”. Coaches have thought about what happened last gameday and are prepping/strategizing for what they believe will be their breakout games. Breaking out of the 0-2, 1-1 mold and breaking into that rarified air of 2-0 gameday victories. Each gameday matchup is a challenge for all coaches. This is that period when planning and strategy come together to yield the victories expected. That missed pass that could have made the difference. That run play that started out like a TD only to be snuffed when a move to the right or left opened the door for a defender to step in. The “lull” is the fun part of the game because it’s the coach and his thoughts during this time with hopes that those thoughts yield a “V” on gameday.

reporting for LAEFL Chronicle

Steven Watts


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