The Game

It started out really as a joke to see who would pick up on the reference of it and now it’s the LAEFL’s most anticipated game. Smoke a Bowl, pits James “Shabby J” Portillo and his New York Jets against Cleon “Rastahaze” Tate Jr and his San Francisco 49ers.

Over the years this game has taken on a life of its own. At first it was played during the college years of the league as a rivalry game and was later carried over with a trophy for the winner to hold until the next game. Next season it will be the featured game for the LAEFL 420 games.

Early on the game wasn’t much of a rivalry (Shabby J) holds the series lead 5-3, but Cleon (Rastahaze) has won the last two. “I get geared up for this game I love playing EFL but this game is for the chalice”, stated coach Tate when asked about this game. Every game is important but when it’s your rival it means a little more.

Saturday June 15th in Irvine CA Smoke a Bowl 9 goes down.

2 thoughts on “The Game

  1. Saturday June 15 in Irvine, CA the 1968 New York Jets plan on seeing the coveted Smoke-A-Bowl trophy stay in Orange County.

    Joe Namath has to redeem himself after two devastating losses in this much heated league rivalry game. He’s confident his current passing stats will help assure a victory along with help from Emerson Boozer’s savage run game and a lot of QB head hunting by Philbin on defense.

    When asked about his game plan Coach Shabby J had this to say ; “The God damned Niners are running the ball well and are just as equal a passing threat.”
    “We will have to stay focused on offense to keep moving the chains methodically and hope a three man line on defense can hold them up at the line of scrimmage.”

    What ever happens Saturday you can bet there will be lots of smoke in the air.

    Reporting for the LAEFL this is Mike Hunt.

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