No undefeated teams

The LAEFL had its June 15 bash in Irvine where the last of the undefeated teams bit the dust. The Eagles held that distinction until then when they faced the one loss Rams who were stinging from their loss to the Raiders on last gameday. Here’s what so strange about that.

Gameday one- Raiders lost to Seahawks 420 bash- Seahawks lost to Eagles Gameday 4- Rams lost to Raiders        6/15 bash- Eagles lost to Rams

In other matches from 6/15 bash the “Smoke A Bowl” was the “high” mark of the day as Coach Shabby’s J-E-T-S took down Coach Tate’s 49ers 34 – 14. But it ended well as they celebrated by smoking a bowl.

In the final game of the day, the Raiders increased their win streak to 5 with a victory over the 49ers.

The standings are very close with 4 teams having only one loss heading into the final gameday, July 13.


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