After 3 weeks of the Covid-19 pandemic/shutdown, the LAEFL coaches are more than stir crazy. With the entire country on isolation therapy until April 30 folks are anxious to break the rules and get some scrimmages in with other coaches. Solitaire games are good for a few sessions but unless you’re in a solitaire league it’s not good for the long haul.

Cheer up LAEFL coaches, you have 30 more days to hone you team and your skills before cracking plastic with another human.  Until then, stay safe, keep your distance, and reach out to family and friends to help them through this shutdown period. As the title states, this is “NO FOOL’S JOKE”,  this is life as we now live it. By the time we congregate again we’ll all be happy to see one another.      Steven Watt – reporting for the LAEFL Chronicle

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