Week #5 of the statewide stay-at-home order and the LAEFL coaches have gone mostly quiet.  When your life is centered around the buzz of the fields and comradeship of like minded men, and that life is interrupted by the government dictating whether you can fellowship or not because of a virus they didn’t intercept in time to stop then it causes those men to only hear the solitary sound of their own field. When compared to 4 to 7 fields operating in unison, to one field at a time, it truly is “ALL QUIET on the WESTERN FRONT”.

But having this time away from their comrades has encouraged these LAEFL coaches to go back to the drawing boards and enrich their squads with additional men, work on their future squads, fire up their tweaking juices, design new plays, develop break away threats and prepare for the next cracking plastic session.

While the buzzing cannot be heard by others in the league, the individual coach in the privacy of his own laboratory has his thinking cap on and is creating several monsters he is set to unleash upon his fellow LAEFL brothers. So LAEFL coaches, even though you can’t hear their buzz, it is loud and cranking and building and ready to explode beyond the quiet, beyond the “WESTERN FRONT”.

Steven Watts reporting for LAEFL Chronicle

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