LAEFL New Champion Makes History

The LAEFL playoffs and championship games were played today and a new champion, er, repeat champion was crowned. The Los Angeles Rams and Coach Anthony Price captured their 3rd overall title in league history with a repeat of their win last year.

It was a tough road for the Rams as they plowed their way through the Vikings, the #1 ranked Seahawks and the stubborn Raiders and Coach Eric Robinson, taking the crown 7-0. Coach Robinson’s Raiders gave no quarter to Coach Price’s Rams but Coach Price’s defense and equally explosive offense was in full display as they were not to be denied the repeat crown. Coach Price was heard to say”Defense wins Championships” after the last seconds ticked off the clock.

Each of the coaches participating congratulated the winner and runner-up for their run to the title game. Each of the coaches believing that one day their chance will come for them to hoist the trophy above their heads in triumph. Until then, congratulations Coach Price and your L.A. Rams for a job well done and making LAEFL history with your third title.

reporting for the LAEFL Chronicle

Steven Watts

3 Days to Playoffs

Closing in on the chase for history as the LAEFL will begin their playoffs and crown their champion on the same day. The Seahawks captured the #1 seed by default, as was heard in the gallery and are out to prove their ranking is not for a paper champion. The Raiders have beefed up their play and ride a 5 game win streak into the playoffs. The Eagles lost their first game to the Rams after starting out 5-0 and are looking to reestablish their winning ways. The Rams erased the bad taste in their mouth after their loss to the Raiders by taking down the Eagles by “inches” as was stated by a source close to the action. The Vikings are cooking up new plays for their match with the Rams to repay them for their regular season loss. The Jets are already envisioning Emerson Boozer making an impact on the Eagles. The Bills and Thurman want payback on the Raiders to show them their game was off last time they met. The 49ers have already expounded their desire to get past the #1 paper seeded Seahawks. What will happen?? We’ll find out Saturday, August 3 at the YMCA center. They say “Revenge is a dish best served cold”, we shall see who holds the trophy at the end of the day.

reporting for LAEFL Chronicle

Steven Watts





Six days to Playoffs

Playoffs, we’re talking about Playoffs- in your best Jim Mora voice.

The final week of LAEFL football is approaching as the NFL season looms. It’s Playoff time.  The seeds have been set and there are some very intriguing match-ups in the mix;

#8- 49ers at #1- Seahawks,  #7- Bills at #2- Raiders, #6- Jets at #3- Eagles,  #5- Vikings at #4- Rams.

Each of these teams met in the regular season and the higher seed prevailed in each match.  The 49ers are vocally shouting revenge and I’m sure, though not publicly stated, each of the other lower seeds have revenge on their minds as well.

When the plastic begins cracking, the outcomes could be “different” or not.

reporting for LAEFL Chronicle

Steven Watts




Dave and Buster’s gracious staff had a “next man up” mentality which allowed us to complete our regular season at their establishment.

Their hospitality and welcoming nature makes us want to make them our LAEFL home venue. Details to be worked out.

Thank you Dave and Buster’s for being a gracious host and taking the LAEFL under your umbrella.

reporting for LAEFL Chronicle

Steven Watts

Regular Season: In the books

The 2019 LAEFL regular season came to an end Saturday. July 13. If this had been on a Friday it would have made a lot more sense.

Our meeting place was closed without notice. 3 of our coaches had to call out due to a variety of “what else can happen” reasons.  But there were games played Saturday in spite of all the other adventures we experienced.

49ers vs Vikings :  If he had not already made a statement, he would have made one Saturday. He is #40 Kleinsasser. From the opening kickoff, a 95 yd TD, to the last score, a 43 yard TD (his 4th), it was Kleinsasser’s day.  The 9ers had no answers. Although if the rest of the defense had taken #42 Lott’s example, it may have ended differently. But one man does not stop a train when he’s the only one on the tracks. Vikings take this 37-19.

Browns vs Bills:  As part of the “what else can happen” Saturday, the Browns were left trying to find their defense which got caught in Philly due to hurricane warnings. They were able to hitch a ride and after a slight delay showed up ready to play. And play they did. They gave the Bills all they could handle. #34 Thurman was held in check running but was able to break a kick return 81 yards which set his 9 yd TD for the first score of the game. While the Browns “D” showed up, their offense did not. Could have been the anxiety of not having the “D” there on time. The offense gave up a safety and missed almost all his passes. Anxiety…. I don’t know but the offense clearly let the defense down. Meanwile the Bills were patient and happy with a 10 point lead which played out the rest of the game, bringing back to Buffalo a 10-0 win.

Saturday the 13th or was it really Friday the 13th……


reporting for LAEFL Chronicle.        Steven Watts