7/11 was FUN for the coaches in the LAEFL as they gathered to strike yet another blow against the battle over COVID-19. Five coaches made the trek to Battle on the vibrating football  field. When the battle ended early mid-afternoon the Steelers had taken one from the Texans. The Raiders ripped one from the 49ers and the Texans rebounded with one over the Browns.

At halftime, the coaches took a break and were treated with the foods of football (burgers and dogs and chips and drinks), and all the trimmings.

Each of the games that day was tougher than each coach thought they would be. Although the scores would seem to indicate easy, they were far from it. The Steelers and Coach Price were in control of the score the entire game, Coach EMAC’s team controlled the clock. The Texans had their opportunities, but could not convert 4th and 1. In real football as well as electric football, a yard is sometimes hard to come by. Steelers 28 – Texans 7.

Coach ERob had his Raiders clicking as they took on Coach Rasta and his 49ers. Hit after explosive hit they waged war on this battlefield. And when the final salvo was fired, the Raiders were standing with a 22- 7 “V” over the 49ers.

In the final battle in FUNTUCKY,  Coach John and his mighty Browns traveled to meet Coach EMAC and his Texans in their own yard literally. When the final tock ticked, the Texans were holding the “W” tightly 23-0.

FUNTUCKY WAS FUN FOR ALL IN ATTENDANCE.  7/11 was lucky. More for some than others.




LAEFL is traveling to Fontana (long know as Funtucky) on 7/11 which is a doubly lucky day in the world of craps. Each LAEFL gameday is a crap shoot for the coaches in the LAEFL. Each coach wants that “W” in the record but sometimes you hear “O Crap” when it doesn’t go their way.  When 7/11 comes this time all roads lead to Fontana and a ton of Big Time Fun.

Gear up coaches, get your men ready, get your mind ready, because the fun is coming to FUNTUCKY. You don’t want to miss out.

Steven Watts- LAEFL Chronicle


Week #5 of the statewide stay-at-home order and the LAEFL coaches have gone mostly quiet.  When your life is centered around the buzz of the fields and comradeship of like minded men, and that life is interrupted by the government dictating whether you can fellowship or not because of a virus they didn’t intercept in time to stop then it causes those men to only hear the solitary sound of their own field. When compared to 4 to 7 fields operating in unison, to one field at a time, it truly is “ALL QUIET on the WESTERN FRONT”.

But having this time away from their comrades has encouraged these LAEFL coaches to go back to the drawing boards and enrich their squads with additional men, work on their future squads, fire up their tweaking juices, design new plays, develop break away threats and prepare for the next cracking plastic session.

While the buzzing cannot be heard by others in the league, the individual coach in the privacy of his own laboratory has his thinking cap on and is creating several monsters he is set to unleash upon his fellow LAEFL brothers. So LAEFL coaches, even though you can’t hear their buzz, it is loud and cranking and building and ready to explode beyond the quiet, beyond the “WESTERN FRONT”.

Steven Watts reporting for LAEFL Chronicle


The LAEFL coaches, sidelined by the government sanctioned stay-at-home order, have launched a campaign to encourage/incite one another by selling “Woof” tickets. For those unfamiliar with the term, it is wanting to do something or go somewhere but the barking dog in your head or piped in over the sound system makes you think twice before acting. That’s what’s happening in the LAEFL this week as coaches are chomping at the bit, at the leg of chairs, at the end of the sofa wanting to get out and Crack Plastic in the worst way.

Rivalries are usually created when teams have played each other multiple times over the course of decades. Like Steelers and Browns, Redskins and Cowboys, Bears and Packers, Rams and 49ers, and Chargers and Raiders. Those teams have been at it for years. In the LAEFL, over the last several days, the “Woof” tickets have been going out from the Browns (pumpkins), Steelers (squealers), Raiders (haters), Eagles (pigeons), Jets (fly bys), 49ers (bay boys) and others. And while this reporter has listened, he knows the difference between  “Woof” tickets and the real bite that comes from the big dog.

So if you want to get in on this event the LAEFL coaches are selling, go to to contribute and help encourage or incite a coach.

Steven Watts for the LAEFL Chronicle

LAEFL 2nd Gameday canceled (UFN)

As the California statewide stay at home order enters it’s 4th week, LAEFL gameday #2 was canceled until further notice. Like all others in the sports world, the LAEFL coaches are conforming to the stay at home orders and social distancing while this Covid-19 pandemic continues to ravage our state, our nation and our world. But all is not lost for the LAEFL crew as they are busy preparing for the next gameday, whenever that will be.

The Texans have adhered to the size gathering rules by holding daily practices with each squad (QB & Backs, QB & Receivers, O-Line, D-Line, LBs, & Secondary) on different days to limit the spread of the virus. Coach EMAC is determined to be ready with a healthy squad whenever the season begins.

The Browns are renovating their stadium for a home field advantage that favors the Dawgs. Coach John has supervised the work himself to ensure they have the best opportunity to win.

The 49ers and Coach Cleon have taken a sabbatical to allow his team to recover as one of their players had a dry cough and they are taking precautions. Coach Cleon will be ready as evidenced by his team’s performance on gameday 1. His new team came to play and are ready to show his next opponent.

The Raiders have taken this time to interview and sign some new players that will give them a stronger presence on the field. Coach ERob has stated “these bitches are ready to blow folks off the field”.

The Eagles, hit hard last week with flu-like symptoms, have recovered and been consulting with the Browns engineers to bring the Dawg Pound Coliseum to code. Coach Isaac says his Eagles will not have a letdown when the season begins and are set to bring the “CHIP” to Philly.

The Vikings, like the Raiders, were also recruiting and signed extra men to beef up their team. Coach Ajah has stated that the Vikings are ready to “Skol some folk” when the season starts again.

The Bill’s have all their PPE ( personal protective equipment) on are are ready to lower the boom on whoever steps onto their field. Coach Mark has said the “Bills Mafia” didn’t get their name from being in New York, but what “they do” in New York.

The Rams & Jets are laying low proclaiming they “got something for you” but not stating exactly what they got. Both Coach Anthony & Coach Shabby refused further comments when asked what you mean.

When this reporter approached the coaches of the Rams, Chiefs and Cowboys for comments, they all proclaimed loudly in unison “you’ll see us next gameday”.

The LAEFL is alive and ready to crack plastic whenever the government releases the restrictions and we all have our lives back so we can kick some opponents butt. Until then stay safe, keep your distance and we’ll see you all soon.

Steven Watts reporting for LAEFL  Chronicle