It’s February 2021 and I never thought we’d still be in Covid-19 protocol one year later but here we are. As most of the sports world have started and finished their respective seasons. Los Angeles has two new champions in baseball and basketball. Tampa Bay has 2 new champions in hockey and football. The LAEFL are still trying to finish their 20th anniversary season of 2020.

Although the season is in suspended mode, the LAEFL coaches have not been sitting on the sidelines. Each coach has spent this “off” season adding players to their squads, building new squads, tightening up their college squads and tweaking their teams for a more powerful and explosive presence when the league does continue play. From hearing all the chatter, these coaches are ready to break out of their respective shel look s and crack some serious plastic among other things.

This reporter has been covering the game for many years and this whole Covid-19 thing is a first in history situation. Like the 45th president, I thought it would be over long before now. But unlike the 45th president, I’m glad he didn’t make it to 2021. I digress. When the 2020 season does resume, I expect a season of delayed joy to explode on the field as each coach wants the other coach to pay for the delay they none of the coaches could have prevented. Until that happens, get ready coaches cause that time is coming. Stay safe and we’ll see you at the vibrating field to rumble.

Steven Watts – reporting for LAEFL CHRONICLE

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