To quote the late great Marty Schottenheimer ” There’s a gleam men” when it comes to getting back to the games of the Los Angeles Electric Football League. The LAEFL is looking at possible dates to get back to cracking plastic and all the coaches are ready to see their teams kick some serious butt after such a long delay.

Many of the coaches have been scrimmaging other coaches to sharpen their skills so their inside warrior can be set free to overcome their opponents. After being shutdown for over a year, many of the coaches haven’t gotten any games in so they are raring to shatter that ceiling and their opponent. Everyone has had time to get ready, and only those not prepared will be knocked on their backside.

So follow the gleam men and let your inner warrior come out to play. Ready or not it’s about to happen.

Reporting for LAEFL Chronicle – Steven Watts

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