Our first class

With our 20th season just around the corner the league has inducted our first class into the Los Angeles Electric Football League Hall of Fame.

The new members to the hall are Chet Hamptonstall , Vince Peatros, Mike Turner, Eric Robinson and Dave Campbell. All are very deserving of the honor as they set the bar for what is the league today.

Chet- was one of the co-founders of the league in 2000. He played with the league for three seasons before leaving for Colorado. Chet not only was a fine coach but a master painter. Many of his teams are still running in the league today.

Vince- what can you say about the G.O.A.T. He has mentored many in the league about scheme and bases. His knowledge of the game is second to none. Vince helped found the league in 1998 when we played in his garage.

Eric-has been the league commissioner for going on 10 seasons now. He has a SHOW title and 3 Open Run titles. The league has always been a focal point to him. League first. He is also one of the Co-founders of the Open Run.

David- the leagues first two time champion and co-founder of the Open Run Tourney. Commissioner of the league. Dave also was behind the early graphics for the league. The shield logo and The SHOW posters were his designs.

Mike- one of the founding members of the league. Founder of the Dual in the Desert which at the time was the first tournament held on the west coast. One of the most prolific passer the league has seen. He has won the Open Run tournament and has been a runner up twice trying to win The SHOW.

Each coach will have a plaque with the new league HOF logo and the year inducted along with “Founder ” in scripted onto their plaque. The league again would like to thank the first five for their contribution, innovation and fellowship to the Los Angeles Electric Football League.

Eric and Dave’s 12th Annual Open Run

That time of the year again. Eric and Dave’s Open Run Tournament is open to the public.

Saturday Oct. 12


Dave & Busters

Howard Hughes Center Promenade

6081 Center Dr.

Los Angeles CA 90045

There is a $30.00 entry fee

The public is welcome to play or just come hang out and watch the action.

The Aftermath (The SHOW 2019) The LAEFL Championship

“Defense wins championships “,were the words heard coming from 3-time LAEFL champion Anthony Price. His Rams just beat Eric Robinson’s Raiders 7-0 for back to back championship and his third in the last 4 seasons.

The road was hard fought as the Rams found themselves in a real battle early in the first round. Defense came to the rescue in the second half and took away the big play that helped the Vikings stay close. SKOL was heard no more as the Rams went on to a 46-13.

Round 2 was no easy task as the number one seed Seahawks were waiting next. The game was over early as the Rams defense put the hammer down on the Seahawks. Every time the Seahawks tried to run they were pushed back. every time they tried to pass they were either sacked or had to throw the ball away as they couldn’t get open. On offense the Rams could do what they wanted. If they wanted to run the ball it was there all day. Throwing the ball they couldn’t be stopped. It was in the second half when the Seahawks made it a game only for a brief moment back to back drives resulting in touchdowns brought the game to within 2 scores but the Rams would have none of that and secured their trip to the SHOW with a 31-14 win.

Next up Eric Robinson and his Oakland Raiders. Anthony won his first title over the Raiders three years ago. This was a mental test of the wits between these two rivals. The game was a heavyweight slugfest from the start. The Raiders defense came to play as well. That vaunted offense that was on display in the early rounds was no where to be found in the first half as both defenses controlled the tempo. Field position was a key factor in the game as the Raiders were playing from deep in their own end most of the game. Early in the third quarter it cost them. A short Ray Guy punt sets up the Rams on a short field. Ferragamo went to work with a short passing game and Little Ant did the damage on the ground. Earl Bruce caught the 20yd pass and with the extra point the Rams led 7-0 midway through the third quarter.

Tenacity all game long never giving an inch and when they did give they took back on the next play. The Raiders never could sustain any offense, 4 first downs for the game and they didn’t convert on three third down chances. The Rams faired better on third downs going 3-5 and they had 7 first downs for the game. Late in the fourth looking put the game away the Rams drove to the Raiders 20yd line and were lining up for a 37 yd field goal. Wide right the Raiders dodged a game ending score and had under 2 minutes to tie the game up. A quick Marcus Allen run and time out. Then the tenacity was released and the Raiders never saw it coming. Sack, Sack, incomplete ,incomplete. Back to Back Champions.

Final score 7-0 Rams and Coach Anthony Price becomes the first three time champion of the Los Angeles Electric Football League. Reporting for The Buzz the unofficial newsletter of the LAEFL ,I’m Rastahaze and this was the championship of the LAEFL according to me.

photo credits:

Coach Mark Houghlin

Coach John Berry myndflowdesigns@gmail.com

LAEFL New Champion Makes History

The LAEFL playoffs and championship games were played today and a new champion, er, repeat champion was crowned. The Los Angeles Rams and Coach Anthony Price captured their 3rd overall title in league history with a repeat of their win last year.

It was a tough road for the Rams as they plowed their way through the Vikings, the #1 ranked Seahawks and the stubborn Raiders and Coach Eric Robinson, taking the crown 7-0. Coach Robinson’s Raiders gave no quarter to Coach Price’s Rams but Coach Price’s defense and equally explosive offense was in full display as they were not to be denied the repeat crown. Coach Price was heard to say”Defense wins Championships” after the last seconds ticked off the clock.

Each of the coaches participating congratulated the winner and runner-up for their run to the title game. Each of the coaches believing that one day their chance will come for them to hoist the trophy above their heads in triumph. Until then, congratulations Coach Price and your L.A. Rams for a job well done and making LAEFL history with your third title.

reporting for the LAEFL Chronicle

Steven Watts