Vikings at Seahawks

In this long anticipated match with the Vikings, the Seahawks were looking to avenge their loss (score 12-18) last year to the Vikes.
Much smack was talked by both teams leading up to this one as both teams were ready to make the other pay.
A struggle for both to put points on the board when the Hawks get a big reception from #85 to put the Hawks up 7-0. The rest of the first half was controlled by the Hawks as they take a 14-7 lead.
The second half was a totally different game as the Vikes took control and put up 13 points on a TD and 2 field goals to take a 20-14 lead with just over 3 minutes remaining. They Hawks wondered how can this be happening. Not deterred, the Hawks began their drive on their 18 yd line and drove to the Vikes 3 when they got a TD from #32 to tie the game at 20-20. An XP from taking the lead. This is when Coach EMAC’s nerves began to show visibly. Picking up the kicker, he came off the base. Hands visibly shaking trying to put ball on the Tee.  His opponent shouting “look at him”, “look at him”. Then kicking the ball to the right of the goal posts. Game tied 20-20. On to overtime.
In Overtime:
Vikings get a 80yd kick return to Hawks 15 yd line. The Hawks “D” stepped up to hold the Vikes to 4th down and a FG attempt which they converted for a 23-20 lead. The Hawks would get their turn on the ensuing kickoff. The box designated goal line, 3 seconds. The Vikes men were put in position and #16, who earlier had lost a fumble leading to a Viking FG, had it all on his shoulders. This time would be different as he took off, narrowly missed by a Viking on the 35 yd line and was off to the races for a 100yd TD to close out the game for 26-23 OT Seahawks victory.
reporting for the Seattle Sun
Ethan Hawke

Niners at Hawks

Coming off a nerve racking and nerve shaking overtime victory against the Vikings, the Seahawks prepared for the 49ers hoping to get two on this gameday.
Game started off in the Hawks favor when #47 went 80 yds for a TD on the first play from scrimmage. That would be last “easy” play of the day for the Hawks.
The Niners began their relentless charge to get the “W”. Huge runs by #80 and #44 put them in position to take their victory. Trailing 14-21, they began their last drive from their own 20. With time ticking away they converted first down after first down making the Hawks nervous and anxious.
The Niners faced a 4th and 10 on their own 41 with eight seconds remaining. A completed pass to #87 with a blocker in front had the Hawks sweating bullets. Adjusting to make the tackle, not a precise process, the Hawks hoped for the best.
Play starts and the blocker for #87 hit him and deflected him off the route causing him to come up short of the first down. Ball turns over on downs with 3 secs remaining. Another nerve racking and nerve shaking game but a “W” for the Hawks 21-14.
reporting for the Seattle Sun
Ethan Hawke
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Gameday 3 battles

May 11 was a day of hard fought battles in the LAEFL. Every game had coaches either looking for redemption or trying to establish their place in the pecking order.

The Jets off their sabbatical proved they weren’t the 0-3 team their record indicated, going 1-1 on the day. The 49ers new DC had an improved game over his predecessor but not enough to get a W, falling 7 points short of Victory. The Bills continued their struggles and went 0-2 on the day.  The Vikings put up a strong fight against the Seahawks in OT but didn’t prevail. They couldn’t stop the Eagles and went 0-2 on the day. The Raiders continued their win streak, now 3 in a row. The Seahawks bounced back from their loss to the Eagles on 420 to capture both their games. And the Eagles continued their road to perfection going 2-0 on the day.

All in all, it was a great day in the LAEFL and the coaches, some happy some not, went home to work on their teams and prepare for our June gameday.

reporting for Seattle Sun

Ethan Hawke

Cinco de Mayo

As So Cal celebrates Cinco de Mayo (May 5), the LAEFL coaches have their minds on the upcoming gameday. Celebrating today, work tomorrow. This gameday marks midseason for the LAEFL and coaches are ready to crack plastic and goal lines.

Reporting for Seattle Sun

Ethan Hawke