6/20 WE’RE BACK!

The day has finally come for official games to get back into action!

After negotiations with team owners/GMs and the coaches and Commissioner, Up to 6 teams will participate at Veterans Stadium in what will count as LAEFL official games. So far, 5 teams have committed to the one day event (Eagles, Raiders, Steelers, Bills, and 49ers) and the league is still waiting on one more addition. Teams that declined due to scheduling are the Browns, Texans, Lions, Chiefs, and Ravens. Teams still working on a deal between the GMs and Coaches are the Rams, Jets, Cowboys, and Vikings.

The decision came after a successful scrimmage between Isaac and ERob to test out the league can be distanced while maintaining the safety and wellness of the coaches. Many games will be broadcasting on Facebook Live.

The league will have another game day event Saturday July 11th with 2 coaches officially ruled out (Rams and Bills) due to a previous family commitment.

Happy to be back and good luck to all the coaches the remainder of the way!

-Thomas Aldrich

Potential Comeback Games

While we are close to the effects of the COVID-19 Lockout being lifted, many teams and coaches are itching to get back to this wonderful game. Just like the buildup to the initial Season Opener, jaws are moving and the intensity is at an all-time high. Although the schedule has not been released, it leads us to wonder what games need to played in a smashing comeback for the ages.

  1. 49ers vs Jets (The Smoke-A-Bowl): The stars aligned for the highest anticipated game in LAEFL history. It was the first game officially scheduled and the lockout put a damper on what would have been the ride of a lifetime. While both coaches enjoyed their gardens separately, The Chalice needs a home quick!
  2. Raiders vs Steelers: The classic rivalry comes to the board with Ant’s new look team against his longtime rival ERob. While the respect will always be there, the taste of defeat still lingers on the tongues of the Oakland squad. Despite there being a new group of men on the block, the coaching is still there and the Steel Curtain’s reputation is on the line.
  3. Rams vs Cowboys: Coach Mark Sr. and Coach Leon loss their first games. However, both coaches did not go down without a verbal fight. The beauty and basis of this league has been its trash-talk and these two can make the game as excited as can be with their war of words.
  4. Bills vs Vikings: Ajah and Mark II have history with their 21-point comebacks. The younger Holguin is in his third season and coming into his own with the pre-season chatter towards his rival in Minnesota. Expect nothing but a truly loud, obnoxious, sailor-mouthed LAEFL game if given the opportunity
  5. Browns vs Texans: John wants Pittsburgh. However, both teams have the same record with losses to Show Contenders. One needs to remember the infamous pre-season game that sent Rev into revenge tour and a number one seed. Both teams have a strong running game but each team’s air attack will be a showcase worthy of a welcome back.
  6. Eagles vs Lions: Eagles are in line to win The Show. Another test will be the Eric Thompson’s Lions who have battled hard in past LAEFL seasons. The lone ranger from Vegas is set to make a trip and if we are able to gather as a group, this can certainly be a Game of the Year nominee.
  7. Ravens vs Chiefs: If the Ravens show up, it should be a closer game. Two rookies looking for their first LAEFL win and each have a tremendous RPO designed for big yards and big numbers on the stat sheet.

So while Commissioner ERob is setting up a plan of attack when this is all over, every just needs to be ready for whatever may come their way.

-Thomas Aldrich


Here is another part in the series from back in the day of the LAEFL.  This is from 2002 of April 24 after game day 2 and the Commissioner David (SARS) Campbell thought some words about sportsmanship were needed.


Despite my two loses, I had a good time at our last Game Day Sunday.  I hope that everyone else had as much fun as I did.  We had good fellowship, good food, and good clean fun playing electric football, what a winning combination.  Speaking of winning, I know that some tempers flared during some of Sunday’s games and I believe that this is because of everyone’s competitive spirit.  We all want to have fun, but at the same time we all want to win.  I know I must have freaked all of ya’ll out when I did my little “dispey-do dance” across the room and knocked over the water.  I wasn’t actually trying to knock over the water, I just wanted to swing at the air and I accidentally hit the cup.  Ya’ll should have seen your faces, the whole room just stopped like, “What the heck is wrong with him?  Is that Dave?”

It was quite hilarious when I think about it.  Although my anger was not directed at an individual but at a situation, I’m sorry if I spooked any of you all and I’ll try my best not to do it again.  However, I’m not 100% sure that I won’t because I know that I’m nowhere near perfect.  As coaches we should never have the intent of getting angry or going off and we should always try not to.  But when someone does go off we, as refs, opponents, and other participants, should try to remember that this is neither the norm nor their intent, and that the situation just got the best of them.  In other words these types of things happen and we shouldn’t take them personally, even if we are their ref or opponent for that game.

As refs need to do our best to be impartial, both coaches need to feel that it doesn’t matter who wins to the ref, and that the calls are being made fairly on a consistent basis. At the same time we as coaches need to respect the refs call.  Trust me, there will be some botched calls!  We will ALL make some bad calls and we will ALL have some bad calls go against us, it’s inevitable.  It’s also realistic.  We should all try to keep this in mind when we play and we should all try to remain respectful towards one another.  Is this making sense, I feel like I’m rambling on and on so I’ll stop here.  I was just thinking about last Sunday and this is what came out.

I’m out to work on my squad, I’ve got ten games left to try to make the playoffs and the Browns, from the looks of their schedule, will be 9-1 by the time we meet them again when conference play resumes.  I’ve got work to do!  Coach DMC LAEFL – New York Electric Football Giants

Desert Apathy…?

Rasta Haze here, and while we are in this Covid-19 virus lockdown for a bit longer I thought I’d go through some of the old newsletters and see what was written in our leagues 20 years.  Not much has changed from 2002 to now.  After reading this article is there an apathy within the league towards tournaments?  Open Run and the new created Fault Line Rumble?

Desert Apathy was written by the one and only Scoopy T. NewsWorthy…beat writer for the Philadelphia Daily News.  Here is his interview with then head coach of the Eagles..Eagle Al Clegg about the upcoming Dual in the Desert tournament.

The annual EFL classic “Dual in the Desert” is set to be played soon, but some of the main components will not be there, mainly? TEAMS!!!!!!!  This reporter being the Curious Cat that I am, decided to delve deep into this growing phenomenon pledging the LAEFL, called “Desert Apathy”…..  First I went into my own back yard and had a question and answer sit down with Coach Eagle Al ….

Scoopy: Why aren’t the Eagles going to participate in the tournament?  Eagle AL: Well it seems to me that having a tournament in the middle of a season just doesn’t make since, I know this type of contest generates money, but as the old Domino players use to say, “All Money Ain’t Good Money”….You see Scoopy, I like a Small league with Big values, not a Big league with small minds, but that’s another subject: But back to this tournament Crap!! that kind of thing (tournament) is for second rate pansy’s who don’t know their a@#$ from a mud hole, hell this ain’t College Basketball for goodness sake!!

Scoopy: I see you aren’t a big proponent of Tournaments period.  Eagle AL: Yah Think?  Scoopy: Coach do you think Mike Turner (coach of the high flying circus Denver Broncos) has a hidden agenda by staging his tournament during the season?  Eagle AL: Look Scoopy I love Mike Turner hell I’ve known old Mike longer then any coach in this league except for Peatros, but I’ll tell you one thing about Mike, his head is as hard as my….err…as penitentiary steel, and he is as stubborn as a mule, matter of fact he kind of reminds me of that Mule in Sherak..ha,ha,ha..

Scoopy: That was a Donkey….. Eagle AL: Potaaaaaatos, Potatos, man you know what I meant….Anyway my point was that Mike is Stubborn and for some reason he is stuck on some antiquated, ancient, relic, Neanderthal, Cro-Magnon, cave man crap ass rule called “RULES 2000”.

Scoopy: Rules 2000? We had to debate on the pros and cons of Rules 200 in my sports journalism class at Yale….I remember my Professor saying that those rules were the RUN AND SHOOT of league rules, our main argument was that it looked good on paper but in the long run it had to many flaws to maintain substance.  Eagle AL: Exactly my point to the 10th power squared….You know, I don’t get old Mike sometimes, Mike’s got a great squad, he wins plenty of games, hell he was in the SHOW last year albeit he got stomped, but hey, none of the other coaches were there; My point is why do’s he have to insist and persist on playing those flag football rules when our league wouldn’t dare stoop it such low’s.

Scoopy: Well since it’s so easy to pass in that style of play and Mike’s teams do a lot of passing, do you think that has something to do with it?  Eagle AL: Of course Scoopy, but like I said the Broncos made it to the SHOW the last two years so why would that be an issue? I don’t get it…..

Scoopy: Coach I also heard  that he is really putting this tournament on for Coaches in other leagues all over the country and that this is what the other coaches want….  Eagle AL:  That’s a bunch of Fat Bull Nuts; If that’s the case why isn’t there an invasion on Las Vegas during tournament week, heck I’ve been there and it is so quite at the hotel that you can hear a mouse piss on cotton…Nobody shows up….Besides I’ve talked to league officials in San Antonio, and in Dallas and they said that at least half of their teams would take the trip to Vegas if RULES 2000 were eighty sixes….Half of their league!!!!!! those guys have more teams then our league and they say half would come.  Everyone wants a big huge turnout; well change the rules and THEY WILL COME……..

Scoopy: Have you told this to Mike?  Eagle AL: Have you been listening to me?  Jesus man your head is as hard as Mike’s!!  Scoopy: Sorry, I forgot…  Eagle AL: Just kidding with yah kid…..But seriously maybe you can get into his brain, and make some since of this.

Scoopy: Coach thanks for your time I know you have to get to practice….  Eagle AL: Any time Scoopy, just don’t start asking stupid question…….

From the desk of Scoopy T. NewsWorthy


Side note to this piece this week marks 16th anniversary of the last “Dual in the Desert” game.  It was won by our very own Earl (RevE) McMillan over Al Clegg 21-20 bringing to a close the first tournament on the west side of the US.  The Open Run would bring a few folks west but has mainly been a LAEFL event.  The next time the EFL community would venture west wouldn’t be until 2018 when Marcello Trioli started up his Fault Line rumble tourney.  Reporting for the BUZZ the unofficial newsletter of the LAEFL I’m Rasta Haze and this has been a trip down memory lane according to me.