49ers break camp

Well the 49ers just broke camp and I can honestly say that I’m really looking forward to Saturday and the LAEFL playoffs. Yes playoffs!! 

The offense did okay not great but okay. Will have to do much better come game time. The defense we tried to work on some holes we saw during the season but I’m afraid they are still there and we will have to use smoke and mirrors to hide our defects. Special teams was the bright part of camp. Found out Ray Wershing and Pat Leahy both have good distance in their leg and if need be we can attempt a 60+ yard field goal if it comes down to it. Haven’t beaten coach Mcmillian in the playoffs in 3 other tries. We are kicking in the door come Saturday, to quote the late Bum Phillips. 

Reporting for the 49ers this is Rastahaze.

Regular season comes to a close. Playoffs seedings are set.

The 2018 season came to a close yesterday at the Sherman Oaks Galleria community room. The final game of the day determined who was one seed and who would be three seed. Eric Robinson and his Raiders took on his long time friend and rival Anthony Price and his Rams. From the early goings it didn’t look like the Raiders could do anything to stop the Rams. Coach Price built a good first half lead and sat in the lead scoring every time the raiders tried to mount some kind of kickback. Rams win the game and take the first seed in the upcoming playoffs in August.

Here is a breakdown of the seedings and possible matchups:

1-Rams (Anthony)

2-cowboys (Perry)

3-Raiders (Eric)

4-Broncos (Mike)

5-Eagles (Isaac)

6-Buccaneers (Jaron)

7-49ers (Rasta)

8-Jets (Shabby J)

9-Vikings (Ajah)

10-Seahawks (Earl)

11-Bills (Mark)

Top three seeds get a bye

The playoffs get started with the following matchups





Opening kickoff Raiders v 49ers. Raiders won to setup showdown with Rams.


Don’the forget this year’s road trip to visit league members Jeff Eby, Dave Campbell and our Bay Area EF brothers.

Put in for Friday off, plan it now. It’s one hell of a three day weekend.

Good people and good times. Don’t miss out. You deserve the time to enjoy this hobby and bond with your league members. Take a break from life and enjoy some EF.

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